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5-Nov-2008Receptor-selective TRAIL Mutants Target Lymphoid Tumor cells for Apoptosis via TRAIL-R1: Implications for Therapy.MacFarlane, Marion; Kohlhaas, Susan Louise; Sutcliffe, Michael J.; Dyer, Martin J. S.; Cohen, Gerald M.Article
29-Feb-2008A novel paradigm for rapid ABT-737-induced apoptosis involving outer mitochondrial membrane rupture in primary leukemia and lymphoma cellsVogler, Meike; Dinsdale, David; Sun, Xiao-Ming; Young, Kenneth W.; Butterworth, Michael; Nicotera, Pierluigi; Dyer, Martin J. S.; Cohen, Gerald M.Article
Mar-2009Bcl-2 inhibitors: small molecules with a big impact on cancer therapyVogler, Meike; Dinsdale, David; Dyer, Martin J. S.; Cohen, Gerald M.Article
31-Jan-2008Down-regulation of Mcl-1 potentiates HDACi-mediated apoptosis in leukemic cells.Inoue, Satoshi; Walewska, Renata J.; Dyer, Martin J. S.; Cohen, Gerald M.Article
Nov-2007TRAIL signals to apoptosis in CLL cells primarily through TRAIL R-1 whereas cross-linked agonistic TRAIL R-2 antibodies facilitate signalling via TRAIL R-2Natoni, Alessandro; MacFarlane, Marion; Inoue, Satoshi; Walewska, Renata J.; Majid, Aneela; Knee, Deborah; Stover, David R.; Dyer, Martin J. S.; Cohen, Gerald M.Article
2-Jul-2010Diminished Sensitivity of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Cells to ABT-737 and ABT-263 Due to Albumin Binding in BloodVogler, Meike; Furdas, Silviya; Jung, Manfred; Kuwana, Tomomi; Dyer, Martin J. S.; Cohen, Gerald M.Article
1-May-2009Targeting autophagy potentiates tyrosine kinase inhibitor–induced cell death in Philadelphia chromosome–positive cells, including primary CML stem cellsBellodi, Cristian; Lidonnici, Maria Rosa; Hamilton, Ashley; Helgason, G. Vignir; Soliera, Angela Rachele; Ronchetti, Mattia; Galavotti, Sara; Young, Kenneth W.; Selmi, Tommaso; Yacobi, Rinat; Van Etten, Richard A.; Donato, Nick; Hunter, Ann; Dinsdale, David; Tirrò, Elena; Vigneri, Paolo; Nicotera, Pierluigi; Dyer, Martin J. S.; Holyoake, Tessa; Salomoni, Paolo; Calabretta, BrunoArticle
30-Apr-2009Concurrent upregulation of BCL-XL and BCL2A1 induces ~1000-fold resistance to ABT-737 in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.Vogler, Meike; Butterworth, Michael; Majid, Aneela; Walewska, Renata J.; Sun, Xiao-Ming; Dyer, Martin J. S.; Cohen, Gerald M.Article
8-Aug-2007A high-density SNP genome-wide linkage search of 206 families identifies susceptibility loci for chronic lymphocytic leukemia.Sellick, Gabrielle S.; Goldin, Lynn R.; Wild, Ruth W.; Slager, Susan L.; Ressenti, Laura; Strom, Sara S.; Dyer, Martin J. S.; Mauro, Francesca R.; Marti, Gerald E.; Fuller, Stephen; Lyttelton, Matthew; Kipps, Thomas J.; Keating, Michael J.; Call, Timothy G.; Catovsky, Daniel; Caporaso, Neil; Houlston, Richard S.Article
1-Jan-2008t(6;14)(p22;q32): a new recurrent IGH@ translocation involving ID4 in B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (BCP-ALL)Russell, Lisa J.; Akasaka, Takashi; Majid, Aneela; Sugimoto, Kei-ji; Karran, E. Loraine; Nagel, Inga; Harder, Lana; Claviez, Alexander; Gesk, Stefan; Moorman, Anthony V.; Ross, Fiona; Mazzullo, Helen; Strefford, Jonathan C.; Siebert, Reiner; Dyer, Martin J. S.; Harrison, Christine J.Article