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29-Apr-2008Initial segment Kv2.2 channels mediate a slow delayed rectifier and maintain high frequency action potential firing in MNTB neuronsJohnston, Jamie; Griffin, Sarah J.; Baker, Claire; Skrzypiec, Anna; Chernova, Tatyana; Forsythe, Ian D.Article
Feb-2007Acceleration of AMPA receptor kinetics underlies temperature-dependent changes in synaptic strength at the rat calyx of Held.Postlethwaite, M.; Hennig, M.H.; Steinert, Joern R.; Graham, Bruce P.; Forsythe, Ian D.Article
8-Apr-2007Neurite degeneration induced by heme deficiency mediated via inhibition of NMDA receptor-dependent extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 activationChernova, Tatyana; Steinert, Joern R.; Guerin, Christopher J.; Nicotera, Pierluigi; Forsythe, Ian D.; Smith, Andrew G.Article
Mar-2008Kv4 (A-type) Potassium Currents in the Mouse Medical Nucleus of the Trapezoid Body.Johnston, J; Griffin, Sarah J.; Forsythe, Ian D.Article
Jul-2003Presynaptic Kv1.2 channels suppress synaptic terminal hyperexcitability following action potential invasionDodson, Paul D.; Billups, Brian; Rusznak, Zoltan; Szucs, Geza; Barker, Matthew C.; Forsythe, Ian D.Article
Jun-2005Unmasking group III metabotropic glutamate autoreceptor function at excitatory synapsesBillups, B.; Graham, Bruce P.; Wong, A.Y.C.; Forsythe, Ian D.Article
15-Aug-2002Two heteromeric Kv1 potassium channels differentially regulate action potential firingDodson, P. D.; Barker, M. C.; Forsythe, Ian D.Article
15-Jun-2003Distinguishing between presynaptic and postsynaptic mechanisms of short-term depression during action potential trainsWong, Adrian Y. C.; Graham, B. P.; Billups, Brian; Forsythe, Ian D.Article
15-Jul-2002Presynaptic mitochondrial calcium sequestration influences transmission at mammalian central synapsesBillups, Brian; Forsythe, Ian D.Article
26-Nov-2008Nitric oxide is a volume transmitter regulating postsynaptic excitability at a glutamatergic synapse.Steinert, Joern R.; Kopp-Scheinpflug, Cornelia; Baker, Claire; Challiss, R. A. John; Mistry, Raj; Haustein, Martin D.; Griffin, Sarah J.; Tong, Huaxia; Graham, Bruce P.; Forsythe, Ian D.Article