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31-Jul-2009sscMap: An extensible Java application for connecting small-molecule drugs using gene-expression signaturesZhang, Shu-Dong; Gant, Timothy W.Journal Article
Aug-2007Apoptosis induced by histone deacetylase inhibitors in leukemic cells is mediated by Bim and NoxaInoue, Satoshi; Riley, Joan; Gant, Timothy W.; Dyer, Martin J.S.; Cohen, Gerald M.Article
15-May-2009Translational reprogramming following UVB irradiation is mediated by DNA-PKcs and allows selective recruitment to the polysomes of mRNAs encoding DNA repair enzymesPowley, Ian R.; Kondrashov, Alexander; Young, Lucy A.; Dobbyn, Helen C.; Hill, Kirsti; Cannell, Ian G.; Stoneley, Mark; Kong, Yi-Wen; Cotes, Julia A.; Smith, Graeme C.M.; Wek, Ron; Hayes, Christopher; Gant, Timothy W.; Spriggs, Keith A.; Bushell, Martin; Willis, Anne E.Article
Jan-2009Novel genomic methods for drug discovery and mechanism-based toxicological assessmentGant, Timothy W.; Zhang, Shu-Dong; Taylor, Emma L.Article
14-Mar-2006Association of gene expression with sequential proliferation, differentiation and tumour formation in murine skinRidd, Katie; Zhang, Shu-Dong; Edwards, Richard E.; Davies, Reginald; Greaves, Peter; Wolfreys, Alison; Smith, Andrew G.; Gant, Timothy W.Article
1-Apr-1998Enhanced MDR1 gene expression in human T-cell leukemia virus-1-infected patients offers new prospects for therapyLau, Alan; Nightingale, Simon; Taylor, Graham P.; Gant, Timothy W.; Cann, Alan JamesArticle
18-Nov-2002Gene expression profiles associated with inflammation, fibrosis, and cholestasis in mouse liver after griseofulvin.Gant, Timothy W.; Baus, Petra R.; Clothier, Bruce; Riley, Joan; Davies, Reginald; Judah, David J.; Edwards, Richard E.; George, Elisabeth; Greaves, Peter; Smith, Andrew G.Article
2-Jun-2008A simple and robust method for connecting small-molecule drugs using gene-expression signaturesZhang, Shu-Dong; Gant, Timothy W.Published Article
May-2003Intrinsic hepatic phenotype associated with the Cyp1a2 gene as shown by cDNA expression microarray analysis of the knockout mouseSmith, Andrew G.; Davies, Reginald; Dalton, Timothy P.; Miller, Marian L.; Judah, David J.; Riley, Joan; Gant, Timothy W.; Nebert, Daniel W.Article
Dec-2005Inflammatory genomicsGant, Timothy W.Article