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29-Jul-2011Cell death in disease: from 2010 onwardsKnight, R.A.; Melino, G.Journal Article
14-Jan-2010The C-terminus of p63 contains multiple regulatory elements with different functionsStraub, W. E.; Weber, T. A.; Schafer, B.; Candi, E.; Durst, F.; Ou, H. D.; Rajalingam, K.; Melino, G.; Dotsch, V.Journal Article
14-Jan-2010Cell Death and Disease: a new journal for a central area of pathophysiologyKroemer, G.; Nicotera, P.; Melino, G.Journal Article
24-Mar-2008p73 and caspase-cleaved p73 fragments localize to mitochondria and augment TRAIL-induced apoptosisSayan, A.E.; Sayan, B.S.; Gogvadze, V.; Dinsdale, D.; Nyman, U.; Hansen, T.M.; Zhivotovsky, B.; Cohen, G.M.; Knight, R.A.; Melino, G.Article
21-Mar-2013Metabolic effects of TiO₂ nanoparticles, a common component of sunscreens and cosmetics, on human keratinocytesTucci, P.; Porta, G.; Agostini, M.; Dinsdale, D.; Iavicoli, I.; Cain, K.; Finazzi-Agro, A.; Melino, G.; Willis, A.Journal Article
19-Sep-2013A novel extracellular role for tissue transglutaminase in matrix-bound VEGF-mediated angiogenesisWang, Z.; Perez, M.; Caja, S.; Melino, G.; Johnson, T. S.; Lindfors, K.; Griffin, M.Journal Article
23-May-2013Caspase-1 is a novel target of p63 in tumor suppressionCelardo, I.; Grespi, F.; Antonov, A.; Bernassola, F.; Garabadgiu, A. V.; Melino, G.; Amelio, I.Journal Article
14-Nov-2013miR-24 affects hair follicle morphogenesis targeting Tcf-3Amelio, I.; Lena, A. M.; Bonanno, E.; Melino, G.; Candi, E.Journal Article
29-Aug-2014MicroRNAs and p63 in epithelial stemnessCandi, E.; Amelio, I.; Agostini, M.; Melino, G.Journal Article
4-Apr-2014CRISPR: a new method for genetic engineering – A prokaryotic immune component may potentially open a new era of gene silencingAmelio, I.; Melino, G.Journal Article