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31-Jan-2013Tumor suppressor WWOX binds to ΔNp63α and sensitizes cancer cells to chemotherapySalah, Z.; Bar-mag, T.; Kohn, Y.; Pichiorri, F.; Palumbo, T.; Melino, Gerry; Aqeilan, R.A.Journal Article
2007Janus a god with two faces: death and survival utilise same mechanisms conserved by evolutionNicotera, Pierluigi; Peterson, O.H.; Melino, Gerry; Verkhratsky, A.Article
20-Mar-2014Serine and glycine metabolism in cancerAmelio, Ivano; Cutruzzolá, F.; Antonov, Alexey; Agostini, Massimiliano; Melino, GerryJournal Article
17-Jun-2008p63 in epithelial development.Candi, Eleonora; Cipollone, Rita; Rivetti de Val Cervo, Pia; Gonfloni, Stefania; Melino, Gerry; Knight, Richard A.Article
Oct-2008miRNAs, “stemness” and skin.Aberdam, Daniel; Candi, Eleonora; Knight, Richard A.; Melino, GerryArticle
16-Nov-2012Tissue-specific expression of p73 C-terminal isoforms in miceGrespi, Francesca; Amelio, Ivano; Tucci, Paola; Annicchiarico-Petruzzelli, M.; Melino, GerryJournal Article
19-Nov-2012p63 the guardian of human reproductionAmelio, Ivano; Grespi, Francesca; Annicchiarico-Petruzzelli, M.; Melino, GerryJournal Article
27-Nov-2012The “Sharp” blade against HIF-mediated metastasisAmelio, Ivano; Melino, GerryJournal Article
11-Jul-2011Epithelial transglutaminase 2 is needed for T cell interleukin-17 production and subsequent pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis in bleomycin-treated miceOh, K.; Park, H-B.; Byoun, O-J.; Shin, D-M.; Jeong, E. M.; Kim, Y. W.; Kim, Y. S.; Melino, Gerry; Kim, I-G.; Lee, D-S.Journal Article
22-Feb-2016p73 promotes glioblastoma cell invasion by directly activating POSTN (periostin) expressionLandré, Vivien; Antonov, Alexey; Knight, Richard; Melino, GerryJournal Article