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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
29-Oct-2015Structural Insights into Separase Architecture and Substrate Recognition through Computational Modelling of Caspase-Like and Death Domains.Winter, Anja; Schmid, Ralf; Bayliss, RichardJournal Article
1-Nov-1996Talin contains three actin-binding sites each of which is adjacent to a vinculin-binding site.Hemmings, L.; Rees, D. J.; Ohanian, V.; Bolton, S. J.; Gilmore, A. P.; Patel, B.; Priddle, H.; Trevithick, J. E.; Hynes, R. O.; Critchley, D. R.Journal Article
15-Mar-1992Analysis of the actin-binding domain of alpha-actinin by mutagenesis and demonstration that dystrophin contains a functionally homologous domain.Hemmings, L.; Kuhlman, P. A.; Critchley, D. R.Journal Article
15-Jul-1993The cytoskeletal protein talin contains at least two distinct vinculin binding domains.Gilmore, A. P.; Wood, C.; Ohanian, V.; Jackson, P.; Patel, B.; Rees, D. J.; Hynes, R. O.; Critchley, D. R.Journal Article
3-Aug-2017Dialogue between centrosomal entrance and exit scaffold pathways regulates mitotic commitmentChan, K. Y.; Alonso-Nuñez, M.; Grallert, A.; Tanaka, Kayoko; Connolly, Y.; Smith, D. L.; Hagan, I. M.Journal Article
Jun-2018A Pharmacogenetic Approach to the Treatment of Patients With PPARG Mutations.Agostini, M; Schoenmakers, E; Beig, J; Fairall, L; Szatmari, I; Rajanayagam, O; Muskett, FW; Adams, C; Marais, AD; O'Rahilly, S; Semple, RK; Nagy, L; Majithia, AR; Schwabe, JWR; Blom, DJ; Murphy, R; Chatterjee, K; Savage, DBJournal Article
16-May-2018Bitopic Binding Mode of an M1 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor Agonist Associated with Adverse Clinical Trial Outcomes.Bradley, SJ; Molloy, C; Bundgaard, C; Mogg, AJ; Thompson, KJ; Dwomoh, L; Sanger, HE; Crabtree, MD; Brooke, SM; Sexton, PM; Felder, CC; Christopoulos, A; Broad, LM; Tobin, AB; Langmead, CJJournal Article
9-Oct-2017Talin regulates integrin β1-dependent and -independent cell functions in ureteric bud development.Mathew, S; Palamuttam, RJ; Mernaugh, G; Ramalingam, H; Lu, Z; Zhang, M-Z; Ishibe, S; Critchley, DR; Fässler, R; Pozzi, A; Sanders, CR; Carroll, TJ; Zent, RJournal Article