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12-Sep-2016Mechanistic insights from resolving ligand-dependent kinetics of conformational changes at ATP-gated P2X1R ion channels.Fryatt, Alistair G.; Dayl, Sudad; Cullis, Paul M.; Schmid, Ralf; Evans, Richard J.Journal Article
7-Apr-2017Unique residues in the ATP gated human P2X7 receptor define a novel allosteric binding pocket for the selective antagonist AZ10606120Allsopp, Rebecca C.; Dayl, Sudad; Schmid, Ralf; Evans, Richard J.Journal Article
6-Apr-2017P2X1, P2X4, and P2X7 Receptor Knock Out Mice Expose Differential Outcome of Sepsis Induced by α-Haemolysin Producing Escherichia coli.Greve, Anne-Sofie; Skals, Marianne; Fagerberg, Steen K.; Tonnus, Wulf; Ellermann-Eriksen, Svend; Evans, Richard J.; Linkermann, Andreas; Praetorius, Helle A.Journal Article
1-May-2018Mapping the Allosteric Action of Antagonists A740003 and A438079 Reveals a Role for the Left Flipper in Ligand Sensitivity at P2X7 ReceptorsAllsopp, Rebecca C.; Dayl, Sudad; Bin Dayel, Anfal; Schmid, Ralf; Evans, Richard J.Journal Article
11-Jul-2018Mapping the binding site of the P2X receptor antagonist PPADS reveals the importance of orthosteric site charge and the cysteine-rich head region.Huo, Hong; Fryatt, Alistair G.; Farmer, Louise K.; Schmid, Ralf; Evans, Richard J.Journal Article
2-Jul-2019Mapping the site of action of the human P2X7 receptor antagonists AZ11645373, brilliant blue G, KN-62, calmidazolium and ZINC58368839 to the inter-subunit allosteric pocket.Bin Dayel, Anfal; Evans, Richard J.; Schmid, RalfJournal Article
8-Jul-2019Development of a P2X1-eYFP receptor knock-in mouse to track receptors in real time.Mahaut Smith, Martyn P.; Evans, Richard J.; Vial, CatherineJournal Article