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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
7-Nov-2016A new tool for the chemical genetic investigation of the Plasmodium falciparum Pfnek-2 NIMA-related kinaseMitcheson, Deborah F.; Bottrill, Andrew R.; Carr, Katherine; Coxon, Christopher R.; Cano, Celine; Golding, Bernard T.; Griffin, Roger J.; Fry, Andrew M.; Doerig, Christian; Bayliss, Richard; Tobin, Andrew B.Journal Article
11-Jan-2016Molecular mechanisms that underpin EML4-ALK driven cancers and their response to targeted drugsBayliss, Richard; Choi, Jene; Fennell, Dean A.; Fry, Andrew M.; Richards, Mark W.Journal Article
9-Nov-2016Structure-guided design of purine-based probes for selective Nek2 inhibitionCoxon, Christopher R.; Wong, Christopher; Bayliss, Richard; Boxall, Kathy; Carr, Katherine H.; Fry, Andrew M.; Hardcastle, Ian R.; Matheson, Christopher J.; Newell, David R.; Sivaprakasam, Mangaleswaran; Thomas, Huw; Turner, David; Yeoh, Sharon; Wang, Lan Z.; Griffin, Roger J.; Golding, Bernard T.; Cano, CélineJournal Article
19-Oct-2016EML Proteins in Microtubule Regulation and Human DiseaseFry, Andrew M.; O'Regan, Laura; Montgomery, Jessica; Adib, Rozita; Bayliss, RichardJournal Article
1-Dec-2017Mitotic Regulation by NEK Kinase Networks.Fry, Andrew M.; Bayliss, Richard; Roig, JoanJournal Article
18-Jul-2017Hsp72 and Nek6 cooperate to cluster amplified centrosomes in cancer cellsSampson, Josephina; O'Regan, Laura; Dyer, Martin J. S.; Bayliss, Richard; Fry, Andrew M.Journal Article
14-Aug-2018Mitotic phosphorylation regulates Hsp72 spindle localization by uncoupling ATP binding from substrate releaseMukherjee, Manjeet; Sabir, Sarah; O’Regan, Laura; Sampson, Josephina; Richards, Mark W.; Huguenin-Dezot, Nicolas; Ault, James R.; Chin, Jason W.; Zhuravleva, Anastasia; Fry, Andrew M.; Bayliss, RichardJournal Article
4-Apr-2018Plasmodium APC3 mediates chromosome condensation and cytokinesis during atypical mitosis in male gametogenesis.Wall, R. J.; Ferguson, D. J. P.; Freville, A.; Franke-Fayard, B.; Brady, D.; Zeeshan, M.; Bottrill, Andrew R.; Wheatley, S.; Fry, Andrew M.; Janse, C. J.; Yamano, H.; Holder, A. A.; Guttery, David S.; Tewari, R.Journal Article