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Feb-2014Enhancing nucleotide metabolism protects against mitochondrial dysfunction and neurodegeneration in a PINK1 model of Parkinson's diseaseTufi, Roberta; Gandhi, Sonia; de Castro, Inês P.; Lehmann, Susann; Angelova, Plamena R.; Dinsdale, David; Deas, Emma; Plun-Favreau, Hélène; Nicotera, Pierluigi; Abramov, Andrey Y.; Willis, Anne E.; Mallucci, Giovanna R.; Loh, Samantha H. Y.; Martins, L. MiguelJournal Article
24-Aug-2016Design of nucleotide-mimetic and non-nucleotide inhibitors of the translation initiation factor eIF4E: Synthesis, structural and functional characterisation.Soukarieh, F.; Nowicki, M. W.; Bastide, A.; Pöyry, Tuija; Jones, Carolyn; Dudek, Kate; Patwardhan, G.; Meullenet, F.; Oldham, N. J.; Walkinshaw, Malcolm D.; Willis, Anne E.; Fischer, P. M.Journal Article
8-Feb-2016Cooling-induced SUMOylation of EXOSC10 down-regulates ribosome biogenesis.Knight, John R. P.; Bastide, Amandine; Peretti, Diego; Roobol, A.; Roobol, J.; Mallucci, Giovanna R.; Smales, C. M.; Willis, Anne E.Journal Article
27-Aug-2016PEITC-mediated inhibition of mRNA translation is associated with both inhibition of mTORC1 and increased eIF2α phosphorylation in established cell lines and primary human leukemia cells.Yeomans, A.; Lemm, E.; Wilmore, S.; Cavell, B. E.; Valle-Argos, B.; Krysov, S.; Sanchez Hidalgo, M.; Leonard, E.; Willis, Anne E.; Forconi, F.; Stevenson, F. K.; Steele, A. J.; Coldwell, M. J..; Packham, G.Journal Article
28-Jun-2013Rapamycin regulates biochemical metabolites.Tucci, Paola; Porta, Giovanni; Agostini, Massimiliano; Antonov, Alexey; Garabadgiu, Alexander Vasilievich; Melino, Gerry; Willis, Anne E.Journal Article