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27-Mar-2018The Structural Basis of Calcium-Dependent Inactivation of the Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 5 ChannelBokhovchuk, Fedir M.; Bate, Neil; Kovalevskaya, Nadezda V.; Goult, Benjamin T.; Spronk, Chris A. E. M.; Vuister, Geerten W.Journal Article
1-May-2018Mapping the Allosteric Action of Antagonists A740003 and A438079 Reveals a Role for the Left Flipper in Ligand Sensitivity at P2X7 ReceptorsAllsopp, Rebecca C.; Dayl, Sudad; Bin Dayel, Anfal; Schmid, Ralf; Evans, Richard J.Journal Article
6-Nov-2017Long-Fiber Carbon Nanotubes Replicate Asbestos-Induced Mesothelioma with Disruption of the Tumor Suppressor Gene Cdkn2a (Ink4a/Arf).Chernova, T.; Murphy, F. A.; Galavotti, S.; Sun, X-M.; Powley, I. R.; Grosso, S.; Schinwald, A.; Zacarias-Cabeza, J.; Dudek, K. M.; Dinsdale, D.; Le Quesne, John; Bennett, Jonathan; Nakas, Apostolos; Greaves, P.; Poland, C. A.; Donaldson, K.; Bushell, M.; Willis, A. E.; MacFarlane, M.Journal Article
19-Dec-2017Association with Aurora-A Controls N-MYC-Dependent Promoter Escape and Pause Release of RNA Polymerase II during the Cell Cycle.Büchel, G.; Carstensen, A.; Mak, K-Y.; Roeschert, I.; Leen, Eoin; Sumara, O.; Hofstetter, J.; Herold, S.; Kalb, J.; Baluapuri, A.; Poon, E.; Kwok, C.; Chesler, L.; Maric, H. M.; Rickman, D. S.; Wolf, E.; Bayliss, Richard; Walz, S.; Eilers, M.Journal Article
22-Nov-2017Differential integrin activity mediated by platelet collagen receptor engagement under flow conditionsPugh, N.; Maddox, B. D.; Bihan, D.; Taylor, K. A.; Mahaut-Smith, Martyn P.; Farndale, R. W.Journal Article
11-Sep-2017Rapid and recent diversification patterns in Anseriformes birds: Inferred from molecular phylogeny and diversification analysesSun, Z.; Pan, T.; Hu, C.; Sun, L.; Ding, H.; Wang, H.; Zhang, C.; Jin, Hong; Chang, Q.; Kan, X.; Zhang, B.Journal Article
5-Apr-2017Quantum chemical modeling of the reaction path of chorismate mutase based on the experimental substrate/product complexBurschowsky, Daniel; Krengel, Ute; Uggerud, Einar; Balcells, DavidJournal Article
3-May-2018Ligand-Specific Signaling Profiles and Resensitization Mechanisms of the Neuromedin U2 ReceptorAlhosaini, Khaled; Bahattab, Omar; Qassam, Heider; Challiss, John; Willars, Gary B.Journal Article
9-Sep-2017Modulation of hERG potassium channels by a novel small molecule activatorMitcheson, John S.; Hancox, Jules C.Journal Article
5-Mar-2018A Novel Mechanism for Calmodulin-Dependent Inactivation of Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 6Bate, Neil; Caves, Rachel E.; Skinner, Simon P.; Goult, Benjamin T.; Basran, Jaswir; Mitcheson, John S.; Vuister, Geerten W.Journal Article
31-Aug-2017Recent advances in pericentriolar material organization: ordered layers and scaffolding gels.Fry, Andrew M.; Sampson, Josephina; Shak, Caroline; Shackleton, SueJournal Article
28-Sep-2017Nesprin-1α-Dependent Microtubule Nucleation from the Nuclear Envelope via Akap450 Is Necessary for Nuclear Positioning in Muscle Cells.Gimpel, P.; Lee, Y. L.; Sobota, R. M.; Calvi, A.; Koullourou, Victoria; Patel, Rutti; Mamchaoui, K.; Nédélec, F.; Shackleton, Sue; Schmoranzer, J.; Burke, B.; Cadot, B.; Gomes, E. R.Journal Article
30-May-2017Progressive Motor Neuron Pathology and the Role of Astrocytes in a Human Stem Cell Model of VCP-Related ALS.Hall, C. E.; Yao, Z.; Choi, M.; Tyzack, G. E.; Serio, A.; Luisier, R.; Harley, J.; Preza, E.; Arber, C.; Crisp, S. J.; Watson, P. M. D.; Kullmann, D. M.; Abramov, A. Y.; Wray, S.; Burley, R.; Loh, Samantha H.Y.; Martins, L. Miguel; Stevens, M. M.; Luscombe, N .M.; Sibley, C. R.; Lakatos, A.; Ule, J.; Gandhi, S.; Patani, R.Journal Article
19-Sep-2017Backbone resonance assignment of the BCL6-BTB/POZ domainLin, Li-Ying; Evans, S. E.; Fairall, Louise; Schwabe, John W. R.; Wagner, Simon D.; Muskett, Frederick W.Journal Article
6-Apr-2017P2X1, P2X4, and P2X7 Receptor Knock Out Mice Expose Differential Outcome of Sepsis Induced by α-Haemolysin Producing Escherichia coli.Greve, Anne-Sofie; Skals, Marianne; Fagerberg, Steen K.; Tonnus, Wulf; Ellermann-Eriksen, Svend; Evans, Richard J.; Linkermann, Andreas; Praetorius, Helle A.Journal Article
1-Dec-2017Mitotic Regulation by NEK Kinase Networks.Fry, Andrew M.; Bayliss, Richard; Roig, JoanJournal Article
15-Sep-2016Rapid dynamics of general transcription factor TFIIB binding during preinitiation complex assembly revealed by single-molecule analysisZhang, Z.; English, B. P.; Grimm, J. B.; Kazane, S. A.; Hu, W.; Tsai, A.; Inouye, C.; You, C.; Piehler, J.; Schultz, P. G.; Lavis, L. D.; Revyakin, Andrey; Tjian, R.Journal Article
25-May-2016Structural evidence for Nap1‐dependent H2A–H2B deposition and nucleosome assemblyAguilar-Gurrieri, C.; Larabi, A.; Vinayachandran, V.; Patel, N. A.; Reja, R.; Ebong, I.-O.; Schoehn, G.; Robinson, C. V.; Pugh, B. F.; Panne, Daniel; Yen, K.Journal Article
10-Jan-2017Structural basis of human PCNA sliding on DNA.De March, Matteo De; Merino, Nekane; Barrera-Vilarmau, Susana; Crehuet, Ramon; Onesti, Silvia; Blanco, Francisco J.; De Biasio, AlfredoJournal Article
18-Mar-2017Insights into the molecular architecture and histone H3-H4 deposition mechanism of yeast Chromatin assembly factor 1Sauer, P. V.; Timm, J.; Liu, D.; Sitbon, D.; Boeri-Erba, E.; Velours, C.; Mücke, N.; Langowski, J.; Ochsenbein, F.; Almouzni, G.; Panne, DanielJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 102
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