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9-Apr-2014Prion protein facilitates synaptic vesicle release by enhancing release probabilityRobinson, Susan W.; Nugent, Marie L.; Dinsdale, David; Steinert, Joern R.Journal Article
6-Mar-2015Characterisation and comparison of temporal release profiles of nitric oxide generating donorsBradley, Sophie A.; Steinert, Joern R.Journal Article
20-Mar-2014Serine and glycine metabolism in cancerAmelio, Ivano; Cutruzzolá, F.; Antonov, Alexey; Agostini, Massimiliano; Melino, GerryJournal Article
2-May-2013A caspase-3 'death-switch' in colorectal cancer cells for induced and synchronous tumor apoptosis in vitro and in vivo facilitates the development of minimally invasive cell death biomarkersSimpson, K. L.; Cawthorne, C.; Zhou, C.; Hodgkinson, C. L.; Walker, M. J.; Trapani, F.; Kadirvel, M.; Brown, G.; Dawson, M. J.; MacFarlane, Marion; Williams, K. J.; Whetton, A. D.; Dive, C.Journal Article
May-1996Monitoring human exposure to 2-hydroxyethylating carcinogensFarmer, Peter B.; Cordero, Rosa; Autrup, H.Journal Article
Jan-1995Use of a Multistrain Assay Could Improve the NTP Carcinogenesis BioassayFesting, Michael F. W.Journal Article
2009TIS11 family proteins and their roles in posttranscriptional gene regulationBaou, Maria; Jewell, Andrew; Murphy, John J.Journal Article
31-Aug-2012Low-threshold potassium currents stabilize IID-sensitivity in the inferior colliculusKarcz, A.; Rübsamen, R.; Kopp-Scheinpflug, CorneliaJournal Article
21-Mar-2013Metabolic effects of TiO₂ nanoparticles, a common component of sunscreens and cosmetics, on human keratinocytesTucci, P.; Porta, G.; Agostini, M.; Dinsdale, D.; Iavicoli, I.; Cain, K.; Finazzi-Agro, A.; Melino, G.; Willis, A.Journal Article
31-Jan-2013Tumor suppressor WWOX binds to ΔNp63α and sensitizes cancer cells to chemotherapySalah, Z.; Bar-mag, T.; Kohn, Y.; Pichiorri, F.; Palumbo, T.; Melino, Gerry; Aqeilan, R.A.Journal Article
17-Jan-2013Drosophila Trap1 protects against mitochondrial dysfunction in a PINK1/parkin model of Parkinson's disease.Costa, A.C.; Loh, S.H.Y.; Martins, L. MiguelJournal Article
16-May-2012HtrA2 deficiency causes mitochondrial uncoupling through the F₁F₀-ATP synthase and consequent ATP depletion.Plun-Favreau, H.; Burchell, V.S.; Holmström, K.M.; Yao, Z.; Deas, E.; Cain, K.; Fedele, V.; Moisoi, Nicoleta; Campanella, M.; Miguel Martins, L.; Wood, N.W.; Gourine, A.V.; Abramov, A.Y.Journal Article
29-Jul-2011Cell death in disease: from 2010 onwardsKnight, R.A.; Melino, G.Journal Article
15-Jul-2010Drosophila happyhour modulates JNK-dependent apoptosis.Lam, D.; Shah, S.; de Castro, I.P.; Loh, S.H.Y.; Martins, L.M.Journal Article
14-Jan-2010Cell Death and Disease: a new journal for a central area of pathophysiologyKroemer, G.; Nicotera, P.; Melino, G.Journal Article
14-Jan-2010The C-terminus of p63 contains multiple regulatory elements with different functionsStraub, W. E.; Weber, T. A.; Schafer, B.; Candi, E.; Durst, F.; Ou, H. D.; Rajalingam, K.; Melino, G.; Dotsch, V.Journal Article
6-Jun-2012Impact of oncogenic driver mutations on feedback between the PI3K and MEK pathways in cancer cellsYuen, Hiu-Fung; Abramczyk, Olga; Montgomery, Grant; Chan, Ka-Kui; Huang, Yu-Han; Sasazuki, Takehiko; Shirasawa, Senji; Gopesh, Srivastava; Chan, Kwok-Wah; Fennell, Dean; Janne, Pasi; Ei-Tanani, Mohamed; Murray, James T.Journal Article
31-Jul-2009sscMap: An extensible Java application for connecting small-molecule drugs using gene-expression signaturesZhang, Shu-Dong; Gant, Timothy W.Journal Article
4-Jan-2007Protein destruction by atmospheric pressure glow dischargesDeng, X.T.; Shi, J.J.; Chen, H.L.; Kong, M.G.Journal Article
15-Dec-2002Interaction of Excitation and Inhibition in Anteroventral Cochlear Nucleus Neurons That Receive Large Endbulb Synaptic EndingsKopp-Scheinpflug, Cornelia; Dehmel, Susanne; Dörrscheidt, Gerd J.; Rübsamen, RudolfJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 79
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