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23-May-2016p53 Family Proteins: Damage limitationAmelio, Ivano; Melino, GerryJournal Article
6-Mar-2018A type III complement factor D deficiency: Structural insights for inhibition of the alternative pathwaySng, Christopher C. T.; O'Byrne, Sorcha; Prigozhin, Daniil M.; Bauer, Matthias R.; Harvey, Jennifer C.; Ruhle, Michelle; Challis, Ben G.; Lear, Sara; Roberts, Lee D.; Workman, Sarita; Janowitz, Tobias; Magiera, Lukasz; Doffinger, Rainer; Buckland, Matthew S.; Jodrell, Duncan J.; Semple, Robert K.; Wilson, Timothy J.; Modis, Yorgo; Thaventhiran, James E. D.Journal Article
24-Aug-2018ΔNp63 regulates the expression of hyaluronic acid-related genes in breast cancer cellsGatti, Veronica; Fierro, Claudia; Compagnone, Mirco; Giangrazi, Federica; Markert, Elke Katrin; Bongiorno-Borbone, Lucilla; Melino, Gerry; Peschiaroli, AngeloJournal Article
4-May-2018p73 Alternative Splicing: Exploring a Biological Role for the C-Terminal IsoformsVikhreva, Polina; Melino, Gerry; Amelio, IvanoJournal Article
2-May-2018Pir2/Rnf144b is a potential endometrial cancer biomarker that promotes cell proliferationZhou, Qing; Eldakhakhny, Sahar; Conforti, Franco; Crosbie, Emma J.; Melino, Gerry; Sayan, Berna S.Journal Article
1-Jun-2018The association between chemical-induced porphyria and hepatic cancerSmith, Andrew G.; Foster, John R.Journal Article
24-Jan-2018The hypoxic tumour microenvironmentPetrova, Varvara; Annicchiarico-Petruzzelli, Margherita; Melino, Gerry; Amelio, IvanoJournal Article
5-Nov-2017Post-transcriptional control of stress responses in cancer.Harvey, Robert F.; Willis, Anne E.Journal Article
10-Mar-2017Activated inhibition in regulating excitability.Steinert, Joern R.Journal Article
7-Apr-2016The cytoskeleton adaptor protein ankyrin-1 is upregulated by p53 following DNA damage and alters cell migrationHall, A. E.; Lu, W. T.; Godfrey, J. D.; Antonov, A. V.; Paicu, C.; Moxon, S.; Dalmay, T.; Wilczynska, A.; Muller, P. A.; Bushell, Martin D.Journal Article
22-Feb-2016p73 promotes glioblastoma cell invasion by directly activating POSTN (periostin) expressionLandré, Vivien; Antonov, Alexey; Knight, Richard; Melino, GerryJournal Article
6-Oct-2015Expression and activity of eIF6 trigger Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma growth in vivoMiluzio, A.; Oliveto, S.; Pesce, E.; Mutti, L.; Murer, B.; Grosso, Stefano; Ricciardi, S.; Brina, D.; Biffo, S.Journal Article
18-May-2016The anti-HER3 (ErbB3) therapeutic antibody 9F7-F11 induces HER3 ubiquitination and degradation in tumors through JNK1/2- dependent ITCH/AIP4 activationLe Clorennec, C.; Lazrek, Y.; Dubreuil, O.; Larbouret, C.; Poul, M-A.; Mondon, P.; Melino, Gerry; Pèlegrin, A.; Chardès, T.Journal Article
19-Jan-2016Temporal Regulation of Distinct Internal Ribosome Entry Sites of the Dicistroviridae Cricket Paralysis VirusKhong, Anthony; Bonderoff, Jennifer M.; Spriggs, Ruth V.; Tammpere, Erik; Kerr, Craig H.; Jackson, Thomas J.; Willis, Anne E.; Jan, EricJournal Article
21-Jan-2016P53 functional abnormality in mesenchymal stem cells promotes osteosarcoma developmentVelletri, T.; Xie, N.; Wang, Y.; Huang, Y.; Yang, Q.; Chen, X.; Chen, Q.; Shou, P.; Gan, Y.; Cao, G.; Melino, G.; Shi, Y.Journal Article
11-Jul-2011Epithelial transglutaminase 2 is needed for T cell interleukin-17 production and subsequent pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis in bleomycin-treated miceOh, K.; Park, H-B.; Byoun, O-J.; Shin, D-M.; Jeong, E. M.; Kim, Y. W.; Kim, Y. S.; Melino, Gerry; Kim, I-G.; Lee, D-S.Journal Article
30-Dec-2013Knockdown of Hsc70-5/mortalin induces loss of synaptic mitochondria in a Drosophila Parkinson's disease modelZhu, J. Y.; Vereshchagina, N.; Sreekumar, V.; Burbulla, L. F.; Costa, A. C.; Daub, K. J.; Woitalla, D.; Martins, L. Miguel; Krüger, R.; Rasse, T. M.Journal Article
19-Dec-2011Idebenone and resveratrol extend lifespan and improve motor function of HtrA2 knockout miceGerhardt, E.; Gräber, S.; Szego, E. M.; Moisoi, N.; Martins, L. Miguel; Outeiro, T. F.; Kermer, P.Journal Article
23-Dec-2010Cancer and Neurodegeneration: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue SeaPlun-Favreau, H.; Lewis, P. A.; Hardy, J.; Martins, L. Miguel; Wood, N. W.Journal Article
3-Feb-2012Genetic analysis of mitochondrial protein misfolding in Drosophila melanogasterPimenta de Castro, I.; Costa, A. C.; Lam, D.; Tufi, R.; Fedele, V.; Moisoi, N.; Dinsdale, D.; Deas, E.; Loh, S. H.; Martins, L. MiguelJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 125
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