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2004NMR structure of the S-domain of calreticulin, the sub-fragment that comprises the calreticulin binding site for defence collagensGingras, Alexandre R.
2003The application of remotely sensed data to a catchment-scale nutrient transport modelShepherd, Barry
2004Genetic analysis of sperm cell formation in Arabidopsis thaliana L. HeynhDurbarry, Anjusha.
2004A molecular, genetic and biochemical study of plastid protein import in arabidopsisBaldwin, Amy Joy
2003Genetic engineering of plant architecture in wheatReid, Robert Alan
2003Characterisation of the role of the foxA gene in Salmonella iron acquisition and virulenceMakki, Rana M.K.
2003Complement and surfactant Protein D in the innate immunity to streptococcus pneumoniaeJounblat, Rania Ahmad
2003Relationship of structure to function in the pore-forming toxin Pneumolysin from Streptococcus pneumoniaeEl-Rachkidy, Rana Georges
2003A comparative analysis of the circadian clock in dipteraCodd, Veryan
2002Environmental gene screeningRees, Helen C.
2003The exposure of non-target wildlife to rodenticides, with special reference to the red kite (milvus milvus)Brakes, Craig R.
1997Analysis of phytochrome function in the genus Nicotiana using mutant and transgenic plantsHudson, Matthew Eric.
2002Pararetrovirus-like sequences in the genome of plantsHansen, Celia Napier
2002Factors affecting accumulation of lipofuscin age pigment in arthropod neural tissue and its use as an ecological tool for age determinationFonseca, Duane Barros.
2002Aquatic vascular plants in nitrate-rich calcareous lowland streams : do they respond to phosphorus enrichment and control?Demars, BenoƮt Olivier Laurent.
2002An investigation of the A6 beta-1, 3-glucanase gene family in Arabidopsis thalianaHearn, Rebecca.
2001Structural and functional studies of nitric oxide synthaseStevenson, Thirza Helen.
2001Are levels of soluble C1q binding proteins in plasma/serum and synovial fluid indicative or prognostic in the course of Rheumatoid Arthritis and SLE? : development of pathway specific assays, to monitor activity of complement activation complexes in human and murine serum/plasma samplesTzima, Sotiria
2001Rapid testing of antimycobacterial agents and identification of acid-regulated genes in Mycobacterium spp. using bioluminescenceShafi, Jamila.
2001Characterisation of Salmonella serotype-specific interactions with bovine intestines in vivoPaulin, Susan Mary.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 164
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