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20-Dec-2016Adaptivity and blow-up detection for nonlinear evolution problemsCangiani, Andrea; Georgoulis, Emmanuil H.; Kyza, Irene; Metcalfe, StephenJournal Article
21-Apr-2017Dynamics of a Two Subpopulations System Including ImmigrationZincenko, A.; Petrovskii, SergeiJournal Article
21-Apr-2017Which Random Walk is Faster? Methods to Compare Different Step Length Distributions in Individual Animal MovementChoules, J. D.; Petrovskii, SergeiJournal Article
20-May-2017Spectral Sequences for Hochschild cohomology and graded centers of derived categoriesNeumann, Frank; Szymik, MarkusJournal Article
26-Jan-2017Adaptive radial basis function interpolation using an error indicatorZhang, Qi; Zhao, Yangzhang; Levesley, JeremyJournal Article
5-Jan-2017A Trefftz polynomial space-time discontinuous Galerkin method for the second order wave equationBanjai, Lehel; Georgoulis, Emmanuil H.; Lijoka, OluwaseunJournal Article
29-Mar-2017On the non-parallel instability of the rotating-sphere boundary layerSegalini, Antonio; Garrett, Stephen J.Journal Article
16-Nov-2016Applications of Quaternionic Holomorphic Geometry to minimal surfacesLeschke, K.; Moriya, K.Journal Article
18-Mar-2017Interaction of human migration and wealth distributionVolpert, V.; Petrovskii, Sergei; Zincenko, A.Journal Article
16-Mar-2017Fortune favours the brave: Movement responses shape demographic dynamics in strongly competing populationsPotts, Jonathan R.; Petrovskii, Sergei V.Journal Article
18-Apr-2017Babuška-Osborn techniques in discontinuous Galerkin methods: $L^2$-norm error estimates for unstructured meshesGeorgoulis, Emmanuil; Makridakis, Charalambos; Pryer, TristanJournal Article
10-Apr-2017Small Cocycles, Fine Torus Fibrations, and a Z^2 Subshift with NeitherClark, Alex; Sadun, LorenzoJournal Article
22-May-2017Calculating Exceedance Probabilities Using a Distributionally Robust MethodFaridafshin, Farzad; Grechuk, Bogdan; Naess, ArvidJournal Article
25-Jan-2017Regimes of electrostatic collapse of a highly charged polyelectrolyte in a poor solventTom, Anvy Moly; Vemparala, Satyavani; Rajesh, R.; Brilliantov, Nikolai V.Journal Article
24-Nov-2016Beyond NavierÔÇôStokes equations: capillarity of ideal gasGorban, Alexander N.; Karlin, I. V.Journal Article
21-Jan-2015A dissipative force between colliding viscoelastic bodies: Rigorous approachBrilliantov, Nikolay V.; Pimenova, Anastasiya V.; Goldobin, Denis S.Journal Article
2-Apr-2015A Generalist Predator Regulating Spread of a Wildlife Disease: Exploring Two Infection Transmission ScenariosSen, M.; Banerjee, M.; Morozov, A.Journal Article
2-Apr-2015Modelling in Ecology, Epidemiology and Ecoepidemiology: Introduction to the Special IssueMorozov, A.Journal Article
22-Jun-2015Noise-Produced Patterns in Images Constructed from Magnetic Flux Leakage DataGoldobin, D. S.; Pimenova, A. V.; Levesley, J.; Elkington, P.; Bacciarelli, M.Journal Article
22-Jun-2015Magnetic Flux Leakage Method: Large-Scale ApproximationPimenova, A. V.; Goldobin, D. S.; Levesley, J.; Ivantsov, A. O.; Elkington, P.; Bacciarelli, M.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 748
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