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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
7-Aug-2017New Findings on Key Factors Influencing the UK's Referendum on Leaving the EUZhang, AihuaJournal Article
2018Wedderburn-Malcev decomposition of one-sided ideals of finite dimensional algebrasBaranov, A. A.; Mudrov, A.; Shlaka, H. M.Journal Article
1-Dec-2017Analysis of discontinuous Galerkin methods using mesh-dependent norms and applications to problems with rough dataGeorgoulis, Emmanuil H.; Pryer, TristanJournal Article
3-Feb-2017Theoretical and numerical analysis of nano-actuators based on grafted polyelectrolytes in an electric fieldBrilliantov, Nikolai V.; Budkov, Y. A.; Seidel, C.Journal Article
1-Mar-2015Orthogonal basis for the Shapovalov form on U-q (sl(n+1))Mudrov, AndreyJournal Article
20-Nov-2013Hilbert's 6th Problem: exact and approximate hydrodynamic manifolds for kinetic equationsGorban, Alexander N; Karlin, IlyaJournal Article
21-Nov-2017Direct data-based decision making under uncertaintyGrechuk, Bogdan; Zabarankin, MichaelJournal Article
12-Dec-2017Geometric integrator for Langevin systems with quaternion-based rotational degrees of freedom and hydrodynamic interactions.Davidchack, R. L.; Ouldridge, T. E.; Tretyakov, M. V.Journal Article
11-Sep-2017Pseudo-outcrop Visualization of Borehole Images and Core ScansMirkes, Evgeny M.; Gorban, Alexander N.; Levesley, Jeremy; Elkington, Peter A. S.; Whetton, James A.Journal Article
21-Nov-2017Patterns of invasive species spread in a landscape with a complex geometryAlharbi, Weam; Petrovskii, SergeiJournal Article
2017Decomposition spaces, incidence algebras and Möbius inversion III: the decomposition space of Möbius intervalsGálvez-Carrillo, Imma; Kock, Joachim; Tonks, AndrewJournal Article
18-May-2017A posteriori error estimates for the virtual element methodCangiani, Andrea; Georgoulis, Emmanuil H.; Pryer, Tristan; Sutton, Oliver J.Journal Article
1-Nov-2017How priors of initial hyperparameters affect Gaussian process regression modelsChen, Zexun; Wang, BoJournal Article
30-Oct-2017A random acceleration model of individual animal movement allowing for diffusive, superdiffusive and superballistic regimesTilles, Paulo F. C.; Petrovskii, Sergei V.; Natti, Paulo L.Journal Article
27-Nov-2017Multilevel sparse grids collocation for linear partial differential equations, with tensor product smooth basis functionsZhao, Yangzhang; Zhang, Qi; Levesley, JeremyJournal Article
27-May-2017Multilevel quasi-interpolation on a sparse grid with the GaussianUsta, Fuat; Levesley, JeremyJournal Article
17-Oct-2017Homotopy Linear AlgebraTonks, Andrew P.; Kock, Joachim; Gálvez-Carrillo, ImmaJournal Article
19-Aug-2014Computational diagnosis and risk evaluation for canine lymphoma.Mirkes, E. M.; Alexandrakis, I.; Slater, K.; Tuli, R.; Gorban, A. N.Journal Article
16-Aug-2017What could have tipped the EU referendum result in favour of RemainZhang, AihuaInternet Publication
19-Mar-2015Long and short range multi-locus QTL interactions in a complex trait of yeastMirkes, Evgeny M.; Walsh, Thomas; Louis, Edward J.; Gorban, Alexander N.Preprint
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 777
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