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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
12-Sep-2016Representation theory of the Drinfeld doubles of a family of Hopf algebras II: corrections and new resultsErdmann, Karin; Green, Edward L.; Snashall, Nicole; Taillefer, RachelJournal Article
2017Gaussian process regression with functional covariates and multivariate responseWang, Bo; Chen, Tao; Xu, AipingJournal Article
2017On the effects of changing mortality patterns on investment, labour and consumption under uncertaintyEwald, C-O.; Zhang, AihuaJournal Article
16-Sep-2014Detailed balance in micro- and macrokinetics and micro-distinguishability of macro-processesGorban, A. N.Journal Article
14-Jul-2015Efficient Option Pricing under Levy Processes, with CVA and FVAShek, C. K.; Law, J.; Levendorskiĭ, SergeiJournal Article
3-Oct-2016Quantifying non-Newtonian effects in rotating boundary-layer flowsGriffiths, P. T.; Garrett, S. J.; Stephen, S. O.; Hussain, Z.Journal Article
18-Nov-2016Comparison of the effects of surface roughness and confinement on rotor–stator cavity flowÖzkan, M.; Thomas, P. J.; Cooper, A. J.; Garrett, Stephen JohnJournal Article
21-Aug-2016On the diagonal subalgebra of an Ext algebraGreen, E. L.; Snashall, Nicole Jane; Solberg, O.; Zacharia, D.Journal Article
9-Nov-2016Special multiserial algebras are quotients of symmetric special multiserial algebrasGreen, E. L.; Schroll, SibylleJournal Article
14-Jan-2015Hourglass stabilization and the virtual element methodCangiani, A.; Manzini, G.; Russo, A.; Sukumar, N.Journal Article
11-Apr-2013On the stability of continuous-discontinuous Galerkin methods for advection-diffusion-reaction problemsCangiani, Andrea; Chapman, J.; Georgoulis, Emmanuil; Jensen, M.Journal Article
25-Nov-2016Étale homotopy types of moduli stacks of polarised abelian schemesFrediani, P.; Neumann, FrankJournal Article
19-Oct-2016Geometry of moduli stacks of (k, l)-stable vector bundles over algebraic curvesMata-Gutiérrez, O.; Neumann, FrankJournal Article
7-Oct-2016A New Bayesian Test to test for the Intractability-Countering HypothesisChakrabarty, DaliaJournal Article
9-Sep-2016Pattern, process, scale, and model's sensitivity: Comment on "Phase separation driven by density-dependent movement: A novel mechanism for ecological patterns" by Quan-Xing Liu et al.Petrovskii, SergeiJournal Article
14-Sep-2016Quantifying uncertainty in partially specified biological models: How can optimal control theory help us?Adamson, M. W.; Morozov, A. Y.; Kuzenkov, O. A.Journal Article
30-Aug-2016Piece-wise quadratic approximations of arbitrary error functions for fast and robust machine learningGorban, A. N.; Mirkes, E. M.; Zinovyev, A.Journal Article
24-May-2016R-matrix and inverse Shapovalov formMudrov, AndreyJournal Article
19-Jan-2016Evolution of adaptation mechanisms: Adaptation energy, stress, and oscillating deathGorban, Alexander N.; Tyukina, Tatiana A.; Smirnova, E. V.; Pokidysheva, L. I.Journal Article
2016The Ext algebra and a new generalisation of D-Koszul algebrasLeader, Joanne; Snashall, NicoleJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 714
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