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2011On the Neutrix Composition of the Delta and Inverse Hyperbolic Sine FunctionsFisher, Brian; Kılıcman, AdemJournal Article
Feb-2013The input-output relationship approach to structural identifiability analysisBearup, Daniel J.; Evans, Neil D.; Chappell, Michael J.Journal Article
3-Nov-2011Computation of Greeks for asset price dynamics driven by stable and tempered stable processesKawai, Reiichiro; Takeuchi, AtsuchiJournal Article
2013Adaptive Observers and Parameter Estimation for a Class of Systems Nonlinear in the ParametersTyukin, Ivan Y.; Steur, Erik; Nijmeijer, Henk; Leeuwen, Cees vanJournal Article
23-Apr-2012Role of three-body interactions in formation of bulk viscosity in liquid argonLishchuk, Sergey V.Journal Article
30-Oct-2013Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Mass Transfer through Semi-Permeable MembranesCangiani, Andrea; Georgoulis, Emmanuil H.; Jensen, MaxJournal Article
29-Mar-2013Erratum: Collision dynamics of granular particles with adhesion (Physical Review E (2007) 76 (051302))Brilliantov, Nikolai V.; Albers, Nicole; Spahn, Frank; Pöschel, ThorstenJournal Article
Apr-2010Linear growth rates of types I and II convective modes within the rotating-cone boundary layerGarrett, S.J.Article
31-Jul-2011On finite truncation of infinite shot noise series representation of tempered stable lawsImai, Junichi; Kawai, ReiichiroJournal Article
2011Exact discrete sampling of finite variation tempered stable Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processesKawai, Reiichiro; Masuda, HirokiJournal Article