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1991Nonscaling and source-induced scaling behaviour in aggregation model of movable monomers and immovable clustersBrilliantov, NV; Krapivsky, PLJournal Article
1992Nucleation and growth in systems with many stable phasesAndrienko, YA; Brilliantov, NV; Krapivsky, PLJournal Article
1993Influence of dielectric friction and near-surface increase of viscosity on rotational Brownian motion of charged biopolymers in solutionsBrilliantov, NV; Vostrikova, NG; Denisov, VP; Petrusievich, YM; Revokatov, OPJournal Article
1-Oct-1996The collision of particles in granular systemsBrilliantov, NV; Spahn, F; Hertzsch, J-M; Pöschel, TJournal Article
Jan-2012Grafted polyelectrolyte in strong electric field under load: Field-regulated force and chain contractionBrilliantov, NV; Seidel, CJournal Article
Aug-2012Aggregates in the strength and gravity regime: Particles sizes in Saturn's ringsGuimarães, AHF; Spahn, F; Seiß, M; Albers, N; Vieira-Neto, E; Brilliantov, NVJournal Article
Jul-2006Breakdown of the Sonine expansion for the velocity distribution of granular gases (vol 74, pg 424, 2006)Brilliantov, NV; Poeschel, TJournal Article
28-Nov-2011Diffusive counter dispersion of mass in bubbly mediaGoldobin, DS; Brilliantov, NV; Goldobin, DSJournal Article
2001Extremal collision sequences of particles on a line: Optimal transmission of kinetic energyPöschel, T; Brilliantov, NV; Brilliantov, NVJournal Article
2002Systematic field-theory for the hard-core one-component plasmaBrilliantov, NV; Netz, RR; Brilliantov, NV; Malinin, VV; Netz, RRJournal Article