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23-Apr-2019Single-cell trajectories reconstruction, exploration and mapping of omics data with STREAM.Chen, H; Albergante, L; Hsu, JY; Lareau, CA; Lo Bosco, G; Guan, J; Zhou, S; Gorban, AN; Bauer, DE; Aryee, MJ; Langenau, DM; Zinovyev, A; Buenrostro, JD; Yuan, G-C; Pinello, LJournal Article
4-Apr-2019Towards the Construction of a Mathematically Rigorous Framework for the Modelling of Evolutionary Fitness.Kuzenkov, Oleg; Morozov, AndrewJournal Article
11-Jul-2018Steady oscillations in aggregation-fragmentation processesBrilliantov, NV; Otieno, W; Matveev, SA; Smirnov, AP; Tyrtyshnikov, EE; Krapivsky, PLJournal Article
6-May-2019Free and Bound States of Ions in Ionic Liquids, Conductivity, and Underscreening ParadoxBrilliantov, N; Guang, G; Chen, M; Bi, S; Goodwin, Z; Postnikov, E; Urbakh, M; Kornyshev, AJournal Article
5-Mar-2019Classifying Matchbox ManifoldsClark, Alex; Hurder, Steven; Lukina, OlgaJournal Article
25-Jul-2018Correction of AI systems by linear discriminants: Probabilistic foundationsGrechuk, B; Gorban, A; Golubkov, A; Mirkes, E; Tyukin, IJournal Article
2018SL_2-Tilings Do Not Exist in Higher Dimensions (mostly)Demonet, L; Plamondon, P-G; Rupel, D; Stella, S; Tumarkin, PJournal Article
9-Jun-2017A note on (co)homologies of algebras from unpunctured surfacesValdivieso-Díaz, YadiraJournal Article
30-Dec-2015On finite dimensional Jacobian algebrasTrepode, Sonia; Valdivieso-Díaz, YadiraJournal Article
14-Nov-2015Jacobian algebras with periodic module category and exponential growthValdivieso-Díaz, YadiraJournal Article
10-Apr-2019Equivariant Vector Bundles Over Quantum Projective SpacesMudrov, A. I.Journal Article
23-Apr-2019Kinetic regimes in aggregating systems with spontaneous and collisional fragmentationBodrova, Anna S.; Stadnichuk, Vladimir; Krapivsky, P. L.; Schmidt, Jürgen; Brilliantov, Nikolai V.Journal Article
14-Jun-2019Fusion systems on maximal class 3-groups of rank two revisitedParker, Chris; Semeraro, JasonJournal Article
22-Jan-2016Wonder of sine-gordon Y -systemsNakanishi, Tomoki; Stella, SalvatoreJournal Article
26-Aug-2016The greedy basis equals the theta basis: A rank two haikuCheung, Man Wai; Gross, Mark; Muller, Greg; Musiker, Gregg; Rupel, Dylan; Stella, Salvatore; Williams, HaroldJournal Article
22-Feb-2018Polytopal realizations of finite type g-vector fansHohlweg, Christophe; Pilaud, Vincent; Stella, SalvatoreJournal Article
12-Apr-2018On Generalized Minors and Quiver RepresentationsRupel, Dylan; Stella, Salvatore; Williams, HaroldJournal Article
3-Nov-2018Initial-seed recursions and dualities for d-vectorsReading, Nathan; Stella, SalvatoreJournal Article
2019Affine cluster monomials are generalized minorsRupel, Dylan; Stella, Salvatore; Williams, HaroldJournal Article
9-Jul-2016Exchange relations for finite type cluster algebras with acyclic initial seed and principal coefficientsStella, Salvatore; Tumarkin, PavelJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 890
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