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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
31-Jul-2015Ion Transfer Dynamics of Polyaniline and Its Derivatives in Energy Storage and Water PurificationYavuz, AbdulcabbarThesis
1-Feb-2015Neutron reflectometry studies of conducting polymer filmsBeebee, Charlotte Anne StillwellThesis
18-Jun-2015Superfluid helium droplets: from spectroscopy to magnetic nanoparticlesFeng, ChengThesis
29-May-2015Electrochemistry and galvanic deposition of group 10 & 11 transition metals using deep eutectic solventsForrest, Gregory Charles HerewardThesis
1-May-2015Electrochemical concentration gradients in deep eutectic solventsZaleski, Christopher JohnThesis
1-Apr-2015Bone putty bioimplant improvement: evaluation of the influence of surface area and shape of the DBM (demineralised bone matrix) component on bone induction and biocompatibility properties of carrier (polymer)/demineralised bone matrixKazemian, AnooshehThesis
1-Mar-2015Advancements in the Preparation of Pyrrole/Imidazole Polyamides and their Application in Gene KnockdownFallows, Andrew JasonThesis
1-Mar-2015Working towards a New Sustainable Rechargeable Battery; Zinc, Conducting Polymer and Deep Eutectic Solvent SystemFullarton, ClaireThesis
1-Mar-2015Unsymmetrical, Monoanionic Pincer Ligands for Titanium and PalladiumWright, LukaThesis
1-Jan-2015Development and Verification of Injection Systems for Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) Analysis of Diverse Volatile Organic CompoundsPatel, Milan AshvinbhaiThesis
1-Dec-2014A New Route for the Fabrication of Nanoparticles in Superfluid HeliumSpence, Daniel JamesThesis
2005Towards the synthesis of alkoxy-substituted [2.2] para-cyclophenes and [2.2]para-cyclophane-1-enes; tailored monomers for the preparation of well-defined, functionalised ppvHickman, Hazel AliceThesis
2005The measurement of peroxy radicals in the marine boundary layer using the perca techniqueFleming, Zoe LouiseThesis
2005Quartz crystal microbalance determination of trace metal ions in solutionEtorki, Abdunnaser MohamedThesis
1998Polymer impregnation and its effect on the rupture properties of leatherLong, Amanda Jane.Thesis
2005The synthesis of azadisaccharides and aminopyrrolidines as potential glycosidase inhibitorsCurtis, Kim LouiseThesis
2005Monitoring tropospheric composition using time of flight chemical ionisation mass spectrometric techniquesBlake, Robert StephenThesis
2005Synthesis and reactivity of cyclometallated complexes containing nitrogen donor ligandsAl-Duaij, Omar KhalidThesis
2004The synthesis, catalytic testing, recovery and reuse of fluorous and non-fluorous asymmetric ligands and catalystsWest, Andrew John.Thesis
2004Substrate binding : interactions in ascorbate peroxidaseSharp, Katherine Helen.Thesis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 210
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