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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
29-May-2015Design and Synthesis of Transition Metal-Polyamine Conjugates for Diagnostic and Therapeutic ApplicationsPhillips, Stuart GordonThesis
4-May-2016Synthesis of Fluorinated Heterocycles by Electrophilic Cyclisations of AlkynesHe, JingleiThesis
4-May-2018Infrared Laser Spectroscopy of Molecules in Helium NanodropletsSulaiman, Media IsmaelThesis
4-May-2018Pyridone-substituted Pyridyl imines as Functionalised ligands in Coordination Chemistry and CatalysisAlhalafi, Mona Hanash A.Thesis
28-Mar-2018Ultrafine particles in the urban environmentHama, Sarkawt Muhammad LateefThesis
28-Mar-2018Synthesis of Teixobactin Analogues: Cyclic Peptidomimetics to Combat Antibiotic ResistanceGirt, Georgina ClaireThesis
28-Mar-2018Assessment of nitryl chloride as a missing oxidant in the UK atmosphereHollis, Lloyd Daniel JohnThesis
5-Apr-2018Synthesis of Analogues of Epibatidine based on the 2-azabicyclo[2.2.1]heptane systemAl-Rubaye, Huda IsmailThesis
28-Mar-2018Patterned functionalisation of conducting polymer filmsMohammed, Mohammed QasimThesis
15-Feb-2018Electronic Effect on C-H Activation at Half Sandwich Complexes of Ir, Rh and RuAlharis, Raed Awad AubedThesis
20-Oct-2017Synthesis and isolation of biosynthetic derivatives of Amphotericin BWalmsley, Simon XavierThesis
19-Jan-2018Powder Pulse PlatingCihangir, SalihThesis
19-Jan-2018Domain Motions and Complex Formation in Catalysis by NADPH-Cytochrome P450 ReductaseFreeman, Samuel LewisThesis
21-Jan-2016The Preparation and Reactivity of a Fluoroiodane Reagent Derived from FluorideGeary, Gemma ClareThesis
15-Dec-2017Influence of Additives on Electrodeposition of Metals from Deep Eutectic SolventsAl-Esary, Hasan Fisal NamaaThesis
15-Dec-2017Ion-Exchange and Charge Transport in Films of Conducting Polymer and CompositeUnal, AsumanThesis
1-Dec-2017Synthesis and reactivity of novel ONN- and ONO-palladium(II) pincer complexes; applications in CH-halogenation of aryl-pyridonesSingh, AmandeepThesis
4-Dec-2017Photoionization and infrared laser spectroscopy of molecular complexes: the transition from the molecular to the nanoscaleAlbaqami, Munirah DukhiThesis
22-Aug-2017Infrared Laser Spectroscopy of Salt-Solvent Complexes using Helium NanodropletsSadoon, Ahmed M.Thesis
30-Jun-2017Sulfur Extraction from Oil Using Ionic LiquidsKareem, Jalil HusseinThesis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 688
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