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Title: Endothelial PDGF-CC regulates angiogenesis-dependent thermogenesis in beige fat.
Authors: Seki, T.
Hosaka, K.
Lim, S.
Fischer, C.
Honek, J.
Yang, Y.
Andersson, P.
Nakamura, M.
Näslund, E.
Ylä-Herttuala, S.
Sun, M.
Iwamoto, H.
Li, X.
Liu, Y.
Samani, Nilesh J.
Cao, Yihai
First Published: 5-Aug-2016
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Citation: Nature Communications, 2016, 7:12152
Abstract: Cold- and β3-adrenoceptor agonist-induced sympathetic activation leads to angiogenesis and UCP1-dependent thermogenesis in mouse brown and white adipose tissues. Here we show that endothelial production of PDGF-CC during white adipose tissue (WAT) angiogenesis regulates WAT browning. We find that genetic deletion of endothelial VEGFR2, knockout of the Pdgf-c gene or pharmacological blockade of PDGFR-α impair the WAT-beige transition. We further show that PDGF-CC stimulation upregulates UCP1 expression and acquisition of a beige phenotype in differentiated mouse WAT-PDGFR-α(+) progenitor cells, as well as in human WAT-PDGFR-α(+) adipocytes, supporting the physiological relevance of our findings. Our data reveal a paracrine mechanism by which angiogenic endothelial cells modulate adipocyte metabolism, which may provide new targets for the treatment of obesity and related metabolic diseases.
DOI Link: 10.1038/ncomms12152
eISSN: 2041-1723
Version: Publisher Version
Status: Peer-reviewed
Type: Journal Article
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