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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
4-Dec-2018Landmine Detection Algorithm Design Based on Data Fusion TechnologyJing, HongyuanThesis
9-Nov-2018Swelling and Disintegration of Multi-Component Polymeric StructuresBinti Shamjuddin, AmnaniThesis
5-Nov-2018Fluid Dynamics of Rotor-Stator CavitiesFernando, Bothalage D. R.Thesis
31-Oct-2018Microstructural and Mechanical Assessment of Pulse-Reverse Plated Cobalt Matrix Nanocomposite CoatingsAlbusalih, Dhuha F.Thesis
3-Sep-2018Damage detection in laminated composite structures using dynamic analysisUwayed, Ahmed NooriThesis
24-Aug-2018Solidification Behaviour and Microstructure Evolution of Refractory Metals-Based Alloys under Rapid SolidificationFeitosa, Leandro MoraesThesis
10-Aug-2018Modelling sintering at particle scale using variational and molecular dynamic methodsAlshammery, Anas Obeed AdrasThesis
20-Aug-2018An Experimental Study of Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Combination of Resource and Traffic ControlKhalel, Tarik Ismail HassanThesis
20-Jul-2018Investigating noise radiation from jets by acoustic analogyDi Stefano, DaniloThesis
29-Jun-2018Mixed Convection Heat Transfer Enhancement in Lid-Driven Cavities Filled with NanofluidsAl-Khafaji, Ali Khaleel KareemThesis
29-Jun-2018Numerical investigation of thermal comfort in an isolated family house under natural cross-ventilationHawendi, Sherzad Mohammed ali AmeenThesis
27-Jun-2018Effect of non-axisymmetric casing on flow and performance of an axial turbineKadhim, Hakim Tarteeb KadhimThesis
27-Jun-2018Propagation Model for Nowcasting of HF Communications with Aircraft on Polar RoutesAl-Behadili, Hasanain Abbas HasanThesis
26-Jun-2018Influence of Contact Strength between Particles on Constitutive Law for Powder Compaction and the Strength of Powder CompactsAl-Sabbagh, Muhanad NazarThesis
26-Jun-2018A Fundamental Study Of Elemental Sublimation During Solution Heat Treatment Of Ni-Base AlloysDong, ZihuiThesis
8-Jun-2018The Effect of Biofuel on the Corrosion and Wear of Automotive Engine ComponentsMatbouei, MohammadThesis
6-Jun-2018Microstructure evolution and hydrogen embrittlement in super duplex stainless steelsLiang, XingzhongThesis
15-May-2018Detached eddy simulations of single and coaxial supersonic jetsMancini, AlessandroThesis
9-Apr-2018Computer Modelling of First Stage Solid State Sintering at Particle ScaleLuo, WendongThesis
13-Mar-2018Scalar Mixing and Coherent Structures in Simulations of the Plane Turbulent Mixing LayerHug, Stephan NicholasThesis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 413
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