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Title: Crystal structure of (aceto-nitrile-κN)iodido-(2-(naphthalen-1-yl)-6-{1-[(2,4,6-tri-methyl-phen-yl)imino]ethyl}-pyridine-κ(2)N,N')copper(I).
Authors: Al-Najjar, Nada
Solan, Gregory A.
Singh, Kuldip
First Published: 1-Dec-2016
Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
Citation: Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications, 2016, 72 (Pt 12), pp. 1845-1847
Abstract: In the mononuclear title complex, [CuI(C2H3N)(C26H24N2)], the Cu(I) ion has a distorted tetra-hedral coordination environment, defined by two N atoms of the chelating 2-(naphthalen-1-yl)-6-[(2,4,6-tri-methyl-phen-yl)imino]-pyridine ligand, one N atom of an aceto-nitrile ligand and one iodide ligand. Within the complex, there are weak intra-molecular C-H⋯N hydrogen bonds, while weak inter-molecular C-H⋯I inter-actions between complex mol-ecules, help to facilitate a three-dimensional network.
DOI Link: 10.1107/S2056989016018685
eISSN: 2056-9890
Version: Publisher Version
Status: Peer-reviewed
Type: Journal Article
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