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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
23-Jun-2017Using Quantitative Computed Tomography to Provide Important and Novel Insights into Airway Remodelling in Asthma and COPDHartley, Ruth AngelaThesis
23-Jun-2017Immune modulation in the prevention of pathologies relating to diet-induced obesityKheder, Ramiar KamalThesis
23-Jun-2017The role of Properdin in Tumour Development and Cell RecruitmentAl-Rayahi, Izzat Abdulsatar MezherThesis
14-Jun-2017The Role of Filtered IgA in the Progression of IgA NephropathyCheung, Chee KayThesis
14-Jun-2017Studies on ligand interactions of human complement factor HAbbow, Hussein MohammadThesis
1-Jun-2014Description and Characterisation of a Novel Model of Persistent Infection with Streptococcus Pneumoniae in the Lower Airways of MiceHaste, Louise VictoriaThesis
7-Jun-2017Functional Analysis of Fic Domain Bearing Proteins in Klebsiella pneumoniaeAl Madadha, Mohammad EmadThesis
24-May-2016The therapeutic utility of Factor I in the treatment of complement dependent pathophysiological processesBuchberger, AnnaThesis
26-Apr-2017Functional characterisation of SOD isozymes in Klebsiella pneumoniae KR3167Najmuldeen, Hastyar Hama RashidThesis
23-Mar-2017Studies of clinical and environmental isolates of Aspergillus fumigatusMorley, Joseph PeterThesis
1-Mar-2017The impact of inter-strain variation on sputum related phenotypes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Review of normalisation procedures)Wegrzyn, Malgorzata GrazynaThesis
22-Feb-2017Pneumolysin as a vaccine and study of structure and functionAdnan, MuhammadThesis
1-Feb-2016The role of mannose binding lectin associated serine protease MASP-3 in complement mediated haemolysis and the utility of recombinant properdin in fighting Streptococcus pneumoniae infectionSaeed, Bayad MawloodThesis
1-Feb-2017In vitro and in vivo models of renal ischemia reperfusion injuryZwaini, Zinah Dheyaa RazzaqThesis
20-Dec-2016Understanding Clostridium Difficile and the Bacteriophages from the EnvironmentRashid, Saroa JamalThesis
9-Dec-2016Role of Transverse Abdominis Plane Block in Laparoscopic Donor NephrectomyMathuram Thiyagarajan, UmasankarThesis
1-Dec-2016Comparative in vitro analyses of the effect of immunoglobulin 𝝀 light chain and fatty acid free albumin on proximal tubular epithelial cells-involvement of megalin phosphorylationAlammari, Dalia MuhammedThesis
24-Nov-2016Removal of Acetylation by Pneumococcal Esterases Potentiates Neuraminidase Activity for Mucin Utilisation, Colonisation and VirulenceKahya, Hasan Faisal HusseinThesis
17-Nov-2016Sputum mediator profiling in severe asthma: relationships with clinical phenotypes, airway inflammation and morphometry in stable disease and at exacerbationsDesai, DhananjayThesis
13-Jun-2014The effects of perflourocarbon therapy in streptococcus pneumoniae-infected sickle cell mouseHelmi, Nawal Mohamedwail A.Thesis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 178
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