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Title: The gamma-ray Cherenkov telescope for the Cherenkov telescope array
Authors: Tibaldo, L.
Abchiche, A.
Allan, D.
Amans, J. P.
Armstrong, T. P.
Balzer, A.
Berge, D.
Boisson, C.
Bousquet, J. J.
Brown, A. M.
Bryan, M.
Buchholtz, G.
Chadwick, P. M.
Costantini, H.
Cotter, G.
Daniel, M. K.
De Franco, A.
De Frondat, F.
Dournaux, J. L.
Dumas, D.
Ernenwein, J. P.
Fasola, G.
Funk, S.
Gironnet, J.
Graham, J. A.
Greenshaw, T.
Hervet, O.
Hidaka, N.
Hinton, J. A.
Huet, J. M.
Jankowsky, D.
Jegouzo, I.
Jogler, T.
Kraus, M.
Lapington, J. S.
Laporte, P.
Lefaucheur, J.
Markoff, S.
Melse, T.
Mohrmann, L.
Molyneux, P.
Nolan, S. J.
Okumura, A.
Osborne, J. P.
Parsons, R. D.
Rosen, S.
Ross, D.
Rowell, G.
Rulten, C. B.
Sato, Y.
Sayède, F.
Schmoll, J.
Schoorlemmer, H.
Servillat, M.
Sol, H.
Stamatescu, V.
Stephan, M.
Stuik, R.
Sykes, J.
Tajima, H.
Thornhill, J.
Trichard, C.
Vink, J.
Watson, J. J.
White, R.
Yamane, N.
Zech, A.
Zink, A.
Zorn, J.
First Published: 4-Jan-2017
Publisher: AIP Publishing
Citation: AIP Conference Proceedings, 2017, 1792, 080004
Abstract: The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) is a forthcoming ground-based observatory for very-high-energy gamma rays. CTA will consist of two arrays of imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes in the Northern and Southern hemispheres, and will combine telescopes of different types to achieve unprecedented performance and energy coverage. The Gamma-ray Cherenkov Telescope (GCT) is one of the small-sized telescopes proposed for CTA to explore the energy range from a few TeV to hundreds of TeV with a field of view ≳ 8° and angular resolution of a few arcminutes. The GCT design features dual-mirror Schwarzschild-Couder optics and a compact camera based on densely-pixelated photodetectors as well as custom electronics. In this contribution we provide an overview of the GCT project with focus on prototype development and testing that is currently ongoing. We present results obtained during the first on-telescope campaign in late 2015 at the Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, during which we recorded the first Cherenkov images from atmospheric showers with the GCT multi-anode photomultiplier camera prototype. We also discuss the development of a second GCT camera prototype with silicon photomultipliers as photosensors, and plans toward a contribution to the realisation of CTA.
DOI Link: 10.1063/1.4969025
ISSN: 0094-243X
ISBN: 9780735414563
eISSN: 1551-7616
Version: Post-print
Status: Peer-reviewed
Type: Conference Paper
Rights: Copyright © AIP Publishing 2017. This version of the paper is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives License (, which permits use and distribution in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited, the use is non-commercial and no modifications or adaptations are made.
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