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2008Asymptotic properties of estimators for the linear panel regression model with random individual effects and serially correlated errors: The case of stationary and non-stationary regressors and residualsBaltagi, BH; Kao, C; Liu, LJournal Article
Apr-2010Narrow replication of serlenga and shin (2007) gravity models of intra-eu trade: Application of the CCEP-HT estimation in heterogeneous panels with unobserved common time-specific factorsBaltagi, BHJournal Article
Feb-2010Testing for heteroskedasticity and serial correlation in a random effects panel data modelBaltagi, BH; Jung, BC; Song, SHJournal Article
Jan-2009New evidence on the dynamic wage curve for Western Germany: 1980-2004Baltagi, BH; Baltagi, BH; Blien, U; Wolf, K; Blien, UJournal Article
Feb-2011Testing for sphericity in a fixed effects panel data modelBaltagi, BH; Kao, C; Feng, QJournal Article
Aug-2009Spatial lag test with equal weightsBaltagi, BH; Liu, LJournal Article
Sep-2012A Lagrange Multiplier test for cross-sectional dependence in a fixed effects panel data modelBaltagi, BH; Kao, C; Feng, QJournal Article
Jul-2008Estimating regional trade agreement effects on FDI in an interdependent worldBaltagi, BH; Egger, P; Pfaffermayr, M; Pfaffermayr, MJournal Article
Jan-2012The Turkish wage curve: Evidence from the Household Labor Force SurveyBaltagi, BH; Baskaya, YS; Hulagu, TJournal Article
Dec-1990The error components regression model: conditional relative efficiency comparisonsBaltagi, BHJournal Article