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Mar-2010The fisher effect puzzle: A case of non-linear relationship?Hall, SG; Hall, SG; Hondroyiannis, G; Swamy, PAVB; Tavlas, GSJournal Article
Feb-2012Introduction to the special issue in honour of Wojciech CharemzaHall, SG; Ladley, DJournal Article
1-Jan-2005Evaluating, comparing and combining density forecasts using the KLIC with an application to the Bank of England and NIESR 'Fan' charts of inflationMitchell, J; Hall, SGJournal Article
Jan-2012Spatial panel data analysis with feasible GLS techniques: An application to the Chinese real exchange rateHall, SG; Hall, SG; Guo, QJournal Article
Apr-2012Generalized cointegration: A new concept with an application to health expenditure and health outcomesHall, SG; Swamy, PAVB; Tavlas, GSJournal Article
Apr-2012The Greek financial crisis: Growing imbalances and sovereign spreadsGibson, HD; Tavlas, GS; Hall, SGJournal Article
2012Do R&D strategies in high-tech sectors differ from those in low-tech sectors? An alternative approach to testing the pooling assumptionBecker, B; Hall, SG; Hall, SGJournal Article
Feb-2012Financial crisis, effective policy rules and bounded rationality in a New Keynesian frameworkAl-Eyd, AJ; Hall, SGJournal Article
2008A comparison between tests for changes in the adjustment coefficients in cointegrated systemsBarassi, MR; Caporale, GM; Hall, SGJournal Article
Jun-2006Measuring the correlation of shocks between the EU15 and the new member countriesHall, SG; Hall, SG; Hondroyiannis, G; Hondroyiannis, GJournal Article