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30-Jul-2014A note on generalizing the concept of cointegrationHall, Stephen G.; Swamy, P.A.V.B.; Tavlas, George S.Journal Article
1-Mar-2014Lawrence R. Klein and the Economic Forecasting - A SurveyHall, Stephen G.; Roudoi, Andrei; Albu, Lucian Liviu; Lupu, Radu; Calin, Adrian CantemirJournal Article
2006Evaluating Policy Feedback Rules using the Joint Density Function of a Stochastic ModelBarrell, R.; Hall, Stephen G.; Hurst, I.Article
2005Evaluating, Comparing and Combining density forecasts using the KLIC with an application to the Bank of England and NIESR 'fan' charts of Inflation,Mitchell, James; Hall, Stephen G.Article
2002On the Identification of Cointegrated Systems in Small Samples: a modelling strategy with an Application to UK wages and pricesGreenslade, Jennifer V.; Hall, Stephen G.; Henry, S.G. BrianArticle
17-Sep-2013Consumer credit in an era of financial liberalization : an overreaction to repressed demand?Brissimis, Sophocles N.; Garganas, Eugenie N.; Hall, Stephen G.Journal Article
2015On the interpretation of instrumental variables in the presence of specification errorHall, Stephen G.; Tavlas, G. S.; Swamy, P. A. V. B.Journal Article
14-Jun-2014Are all sovereigns equal? A test of the common determination of sovereign spreads in the euro areaGibson, Heather D.; Tavlas, George S.; Hall, Stephen G.Journal Article
7-Jan-2014Revisiting the institutions-growth nexus in developing countries : The new evidenceHall, Stephen G.; Ahmad, MahyudinJournal Article
6-Apr-2014Inflation and Business Cycle Convergence in the Euro Area: Empirical Analysis Using an Unobserved Component ModelHall, Stephen G.; Lagoa, S.Journal Article