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Title: Large-scale association analysis identifies new lung cancer susceptibility loci and heterogeneity in genetic susceptibility across histological subtypes
Authors: McKay, James D.
Hung, Rayjean J.
Han, Younghun
Zong, Xuchen
Carreras-Torres, Robert
Christiani, David C.
Caporaso, Neil
Johansson, Mattias
Xiao, Xiangjun
Li, Yafang
Byun, Jinyoung
Wu, Xifeng
Le Marchand, Loic
Albanes, Demetrios
Bickeböller, Heike
Aldrich, Melinda C.
Bush, William S.
Tardon, Adonina
Rennert, Gad
Teare, M. Dawn
Field, John K.
Manjer, Jonas
Kiemeney, Lambertus A.
Lazarus, Philip
Haugen, Aage
Lam, Stephen
Schabath, Matthew B.
Andrew, Angeline S.
Shen, Hongbing
Hong, Yun-Chul
Yuan, Jian-Min
Bertazzi, Pier Alberto
Melander, Olle
Pesatori, Angela C.
Ye, Yuanqing
Diao, Nancy
Su, Li
Zhang, Ruyang
Brhane, Yonathan
Leighl, Natasha
Johansen, Jakob S.
Mellemgaard, Anders
Saliba, Walid
Muller, David C.
Haiman, Christopher
Wilkens, Lynne
Fernandez-Somoano, Ana
Fernandez-Tardon, Guillermo
van der Heijden, Henricus F. M.
Kim, Jin Hee
Dai, Juncheng
Hu, Zhibin
Davies, Michael P. A.
Marcus, Michael W.
Overvad, Kim
Brunnström, Hans
Trichopoulou, Antonia
Tumino, Rosario
Doherty, Jennifer
Barnett, Matt
Chen, Chu
Goodman, Gary
Koh, Woon-Puay
Cox, Angela
Taylor, Fiona
Woll, Penella
Brüske, Irene
Wichmann, H.-Erich
Manz, Judith
Muley, Thomas
Risch, Angela
Rosenberger, Albert
Grankvist, Kjell
Gao, Yu-Tang
Johansson, Mikael
Shepherd, Frances A.
Tsao, Ming-Sound
Arnold, Susanne M.
Haura, Eric B.
Bolca, Ciprian
Holcatova, Ivana
Janout, Vladimir
Kontic, Milica
Lissowska, Jolanta
Houlston, Richard
Mukeria, Anush
Ognjanovic, Simona
Orlowski, Tadeusz M.
Scelo, Ghislaine
Swiatkowska, Beata
Zaridze, David
Bakke, Per
Skaug, Vidar
Zienolddiny, Shanbeh
Duell, Eric J.
McLaughlin, John
Butler, Lesley M.
Stevens, Victoria
Joubert, Philippe
Lamontagne, Maxime
Nickle, David C.
Obeidat, Ma’en
Timens, Wim
Dunning, Alison
Zhu, Bin
Song, Lei
Kachuri, Linda
Artigas, María Soler
Tobin, Martin D.
Wain, Louise V.
SpiroMeta Consortium
Rafnar, Thorunn
Thorgeirsson, Thorgeir E.
Reginsson, Gunnar W.
Pooley, Karen
Stefansson, Kari
Hancock, Dana B.
Bierut, Laura J.
Spitz, Margaret R.
Gaddis, Nathan C.
Lutz, Sharon M.
Gu, Fangyi
Johnson, Eric O.
Kamal, Ahsan
Pikielny, Claudio
Qian, David C.
Zhu, Dakai
Lindströem, Sara
Jiang89, Xia
Tyndale, Rachel F.
Chenevix-Trench, Georgia
Beesley, Jonathan
Bossé, Yohan
Chanock, Stephen
Brennan, Paul
Landi, Maria Teresa
Ji, Xuemei
Amos, Christopher I.
Liu, Geoffrey
Timofeeva, Maria
Bojesen, Stig E.
First Published: 12-Jun-2017
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Citation: Nature Genetics, 2017, 49, pp. 1126–1132
Abstract: While several lung cancer susceptibility loci have been identified, much of lung cancer heritability remains unexplained. Here, 14,803 cases and 12,262 controls of European descent were genotyped on the OncoArray and combined with existing data for an aggregated GWAS analysis of lung cancer on 29,266 patients and 56,450 controls. We identified 18 susceptibility loci achieving genome wide significance, including 10 novel loci. The novel loci highlighted the striking heterogeneity in genetic susceptibility across lung cancer histological subtypes, with four loci associated with lung cancer overall and six with lung adenocarcinoma. Gene expression quantitative trait analysis (eQTL) in 1,425 normal lung tissues highlighted RNASET2, SECISBP2L and NRG1 as candidate genes. Other loci include genes such as a cholinergic nicotinic receptor, CHRNA2, and the telomere-related genes, OFBC1 and RTEL1. Further exploration of the target genes will continue to provide new insights into the etiology of lung cancer.
DOI Link: 10.1038/ng.3892
ISSN: 1061-4036
eISSN: 1546-1718
Version: Post-print
Status: Peer-reviewed
Type: Journal Article
Rights: Copyright © 2017, Nature Publishing Group. Deposited with reference to the publisher’s open access archiving policy.
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