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2012Tackling cyberbullying : Review of empirical evidence regarding successful responses by students, parents, and schoolsPerren, S.; Corcoran, L.; Mc Guckin, C.; Cowie, H.; Dehue, F.; Völlink, T.; Garcia, D.; Sevcikova, A.; Tsatsou, PanayiotaJournal Article
29-Aug-2014Responsibility to Report: the politics of British press reporting of the Darfur humanitarian crisisTsatsou, Panayiota; Armstrong, C. D.Journal Article
Jul-2009Reconceptualising 'time' and 'space' in the era of electronic media and communicationsTsatsou, PanayiotaJournal Article
19-Oct-2016A “Two-Level Social Capital Analysis” of the Role of Online Communication in Civic Activism: Lessons from the Role of Facebook in the Sunflower MovementTsatsou, Panayiota; Zhao, YupeiJournal Article
27-Jun-2016Can media and communication researchers turn the present challenges of research impact and interdisciplinarity into future​ opportunities?Tsatsou, PanayiotaJournal Article
15-Dec-2009Towards a taxonomy for regulatory issues in a digital business ecosystem in the EUTsatsou, Panayiota; Elaluf-Calderwood, S.; Liebenau, J.Journal Article
11-May-2012The Role of Social Culture in Internet Adoption in Greece: Unpacking "I Don't Want to Use the Internet" and Frequency of UseTsatsou, PanayiotaJournal Article
13-Apr-2011Why Internet use? A quantitative examination of the role of everyday life and Internet policy and regulationTsatsou, PanayiotaJournal Article
1-Mar-2011Digital divides revisited: What is new about divides and their research?Tsatsou, PanayiotaJournal Article
16-Jan-2017Literacy and Training in Digital Research: Researchers’ Views in Five Social Science and Humanities DisciplinesTsatsou, PanayiotaJournal Article