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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
2004Cybercheating: What do people perceive to be infidelity in online relationships?Whitty, Monica T.Journal Article
27-Aug-2007Revealing the 'real' me, searching for the 'actual' you: Presentations of self on an internet dating siteWhitty, Monica T.Journal Article
19-Aug-2004New rules in the workplace: Applying object-relations theory to explain problem Internet and email behaviour in the workplaceWhitty, Monica T.; Carr, Adrian N.Journal Article
11-Jul-2005Online recreation: The relationship between loneliness, Internet self-efficacy and the use of the Internet for entertainment purposesWhitty, Monica T.; McLaughlin, DeborahJournal Article
May-2007Would I lie to you? Self-serving lies and other-oriented lies told across different mediaWhitty, Monica T.; Carville, Siobhan EJournal Article
13-Jan-2005The realness of cybercheating - Men's and women's representations of unfaithful Internet relationshipsWhitty, Monica T.Journal Article
Jan-2002Liar, Liar! An examination of how open, supportive and honest people are in Chat RoomsWhitty, Monica T.Article
2001The myth of the superwoman: Young men and women’s stories of their future livesWhitty, Monica T.Article
2001Age/Sex/Location: Uncovering the Social Cues in the Development of Online RelationshipsWhitty, Monica T.; Gavin, JeffArticle
2005Taking the good with the bad: Applying Klein's work to further our understandings of cyber-cheatingWhitty, Monica T.; Carr, Adrian N.Journal Article