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2-Sep-2009Characterising participation trajectories and the negotiation of personalised inquiry learning in the secondary school geography classroomKerawalla, Lucinda; Scanlon, E.; Jones, A.; Collins, T.; Conole, Gráinne; Littleton, K.; Mulholland, P.; Twiner, A.; Tosunoglu, Blake C.; Gaved, MarkConference paper
23-May-2007The pedagogical perspectives of mobile learningNie, MingConference Paper
Sep-2008The educational value of student-generated podcasts.Nie, Ming; Cashmore, Annette; Cane, ChrisConference paper
23-May-2007Pedagogical models for podcasts in higher educationEdirisingha, Palitha; Salmon, GillyConference Paper
23-May-2007The "double life" of an i-Pod: a case study of the educational potential of new technologiesEdirisingha, PalithaConference Paper
Sep-2007A portfolio-based approach to developing wiki and blog capabilities - from individuals to institution, one 'size' does not fit all.Dence, Roger; Mobbs, RichardConference paper
Dec-2008Exploring the past through the future: a case study of Second Life for archaeology education.Nie, MingConference paper
Sep-2006Piloting innovative uses of informal repositories in campus-based student assessment and associate tutor communities of practice.Dence, Roger; Cann, Alan James; Mobbs, RichardConference paper
Oct-2008Building Web 2.0-based personal learning environments - a conceptual framework.Torres Kompen, Ricardo; Edirisingha, Palitha; Mobbs, RichardConference paper
2008Assessment and Disciplines: Developing E-tivities Research, The ADDER Project - poster presentation.Aiyegbayo, Ola; Armellini, AlejandroConference paper