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Title: Profcasting: a pilot study and guidelines for integrating podcasts in a blended learning environment
Authors: Edirisingha, Palitha
Salmon, Gilly
Fothergill, John C.
First Published: 2007
Publisher: BIS-Verlag
Citation: Edirisingha, P., Salmon, G. and Fothergill, J. (2007) Profcasting – a Pilot Study and Guidelines for Integrating Podcasts in a Blended Learning Environment, In U. Bernath and A. Sangrà (Eds.) Research on competence development in online distance education and e-learning Oldenburg: BIS-Verlag
Abstract: Podcasting is a new technology filtering into education from its original uses in entertainment, journalism and personal broadcasting. Students’ learning supported by specially produced podcasts, which we call ‘profcasts’, differs from their learning through structured campus or other e-learning processes. This chapter describes a recent pilot study of integrating weekly profcasts in a blended learning environment at a UK University and suggests guidelines for profcasting in such a setting. Following a literature review on the use of audio technologies in education and, more recently mobile learning technologies, the chapter introduces the pilot study and its results. It discusses the findings in relation to two main questions: How does students’ learning supported by podcasting differ from their learning through structured campus or e-learning processes? What are the issues in relation to switching from using MP3 players for entertainment to learning? The chapter proposes guidelines for integrating profcasts within a blended learning environment, for testing with larger numbers of staff, students and disciplines. Finally, it sketches further research on podcasts for learning being carried out under the IMPALA (Informal Mobile Podcasting And Learning Adaptation) project based at the University of Leicester. [Text taken from introduction to chapter]
Type: Book chapter
Description: This is the authors' final draft of the chapter.
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