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25-Feb-2015Tractable Probabilistic μ-Calculus that Expresses Probabilistic Temporal LogicsCastro, P.; Kilmurray, C.; Piterman, Nir
Apr-2015Fairness for Infinite-State SystemsCook, B.; Khlaaf, H.; Piterman, Nir; Baier, C.; Tinelli , C.
17-Jan-2015From Communicating Machines to Graphical ChoreographiesLange, Julien; Tuosto, Emilio; Yoshida, Nobuko; Rajamani, S. K.; Walker, D.
2014Minimum Spanning Tree Verification under UncertaintyErlebach, Thomas R.; Hoffmann, Michael
2012Computational complexity of traffic hijacking under BGP and S-BGPChiesa, M.; Di Battista, G.; Patrignani, M.; Erlebach, Thomas
2013Approximation algorithms for disjoint st-paths with minimum activation costAlqahtani, Hasna Mohsen; Erlebach, Thomas
Oct-2014Establishing the Source Code Disruption Caused by Automated Remodularisation ToolsHall, M.; Khojaye, Muhammad; Walkinshaw, Neil; McMinn, P.; Poshyvanik, D.; Zaidman, A.
2014Minimum activation cost node-disjoint paths in graphs with bounded treewidthAlqahtani, Hasna Mohsen; Erlebach, Thomas
19-Aug-2014Lem : Reusable engineering of real-world semanticsMulligan, Dominic P.; Gray, Kathryn E.; Sewell, Peter; Owens, Scott; Ridge, Tom
Sep-2014Simple, efficient, sound and complete combinator parsing for all context-free grammars, using an oracleRidge, Tom
2012Succinct indices for range queries with applications to orthogonal range maximaFarzan, Arash; Munro, J. Ian; Raman, Rajeev
2013Succinct representations of ordinal treesRaman, Rajeev; Rao, S. Srinivasa
2013Encodings for range selection and top-k queriesGrossi, Roberto; Iacono, John; Navarro, Gonzalo; Raman, Rajeev; Rao, S. Srinivasa
17-Jun-2008Discovery of network properties with all-shortest-paths queriesBilo, Davide; Erlebach, Thomas Rainer; Mihalak, Matus; Widmayer, Peter; Shvartsman, A. A.; Felber, P.
17-Dec-2014Asympotically optimal encodings for range selectionNavarro, Gonzalo; Raman, Rajeev; Satti, Srinivasa Rao
Jul-2014Mining state-based models from proof corporaGransden, Thomas; Walkinshaw, Neil; Raman, Rajeev
9-Jun-2012Dynamizing succinct tree representationsJoannou, Stelios; Raman, Rajeev
26-Apr-2012A structured approach to VO reconfigurations through PoliciesReiff-Marganiec, Stephan
12-Sep-2012Pure Type Systems with Corecursion on Streams: From Finite to Infinitary NormalisationSeveri, Paula; de Vries, Fer-Jan
2012Succinct Representations of Binary Trees for Range Minimum QueriesDavoodi, Pooya; Raman, Rajeev; Satti, Satti Srinivasa
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 97
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