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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-Mar-2013Lossy Channel Games under Incomplete InformationDimitrova, Rayna; Finkbeiner, BerndConference Paper
2018Car-Sharing between Two Locations: Online Scheduling with Flexible Advance BookingsLuo, Kelin; Erlebach, Thomas; Xu, YinfengConference Paper
29-Jun-2017Identification as infrastructure: the challenges of establishing the Legal Entity Identifier data standard for financial marketsMillo, Yuval; Panourgias, Nikiforos S.; Zachariadis, MarkosConference Paper
2013A multiparty multi-session logicBocchi, Laura; Demangeon, Romain; Yoshida, NobukoConference Paper
9-Nov-2017Why is My Component and Connector Views Specification Unsatisfiable?Maoz, Shahar; Pomerantz, Nitzan; Ringert, Jan Oliver; Shalom, RafiConference Paper
24-Aug-2017Teaching Agile Model-Driven Engineering for Cyber-Physical SystemsRingert, Jan Oliver; Rumpe, Bernhard; Schulze, Christoph; Wortmann, AndreasConference Paper
22-Sep-2016Symbolic Model Checking for Factored Probabilistic ModelsDeininger, David; Dimitrova, Rayna; Majumdar, RupakConference Paper
29-Dec-2016Robust optimal policies for Markov decision processes with safety-threshold constraintsDimitrova, Rayna; Fu, Jie; Topcu, UfukConference Paper
13-Jul-2017Quantitative Assume Guarantee SynthesisAlmagor, Shaull; Kupferman, Orna; Ringert, Jan Oliver; Velner, YaronConference Paper
9-Apr-2016Probabilistic CTL*: The Deductive WayDimitrova, Rayna; Fioriti, Luis María Ferrer; Hermanns, Holger; Majumdar, RupakConference Paper
2016On Well-Separation of GR(1) SpecificationsMaoz, Shahar; Ringert, Jan OliverConference Paper
9-Nov-2017Component and Connector Views in Practice: An Experience ReportBertram, Vincent; Maoz, Shahar; Ringert, Jan Oliver; Rumpe, Bernhard; Wenckstern, Michael vonConference Paper
2017A Symbolic Justice Violations Transition System for Unrealizable GR(1) SpecificationsKuvent, Aviv; Maoz, Shahar; Ringert, Jan OliverConference Paper
15-Jun-2016Delay and interference aware metric in multi-channel wireless mesh networkMashraqi, Aisha Mousa; Erlebach, ThomasConference Paper
13-Mar-2018Data-Driven Search-based Software EngineeringNair, Vivek; Agrawal, Amritanshu; Chen, Jianfeng; Fu, Wei; Mathew, George; Menzies, Tim; Minku, Leandro; Wagner, Markus; Yu, ZheConference Paper
24-Oct-20162nd International Conference on Agricultural and Biological Sciences (ABS 2016), Shanghai, China, July 23-26, 2016 AbstractsPei, Lei; Wang, Zhenhua; Zhang, Jinzhu; Li, Wenhao; Ting, Adeline S. Y.; Chow, Yiing Y.; Rahman, Sadequr; Wei, Rongchang; Hu, Zhang; Li, Sidong; Li, Chuyan; Li, Zijuan; Wang, Guoxia; Yang, Yuzhen; Chen, Gang; Luo, Qing; Wang, Guoxia; Liu, Ruixia; Yang, Yuzhen; Chen, Lipei; Lie, Zhiyang; Zhou, Tongtong; Huang, Weilong; Xue, Li; Li, Jie; Wang, Zhuomin; Xue, Li; Bezirganoglu, Ismail; Uysal, Pınar; Wang, Shuihua; Lu, Zhihai; Yang, Jiquan; Zhang, Yudong; Liu, John; Wei, Ling; Chen, Shufang; Phillips, Preetha; Dong, Zhengchao; Li, Hong; Wang, Xutong; Zhao, Fengliang; Yang, Guisheng; Huang, Haijie; Zhao, Li; Huang, Weijian; Wang, Jinhui; Zhang, Zhongrun; Li, Xiaojuan; Xu, Ning; Zhou, Guofu; Wan, Ming; Lin, Qi; Meng, Fanyun; Li, Jianxiu; Chen, Yichang; Yu, Koayung; Chang, Chunpin; Zhou, Zijuan; Su, Peixi; Shi, Rui; Xie, Tingting; Shi, Rui; Su, Peixi; Zhou, Zijuan; Liu, Xuelan; Zhang, Yan; Wei, Xiangfa; Wu, Chong; Yin, Yanlei; Feng, Lijuan; Yang, Xuemei; Wang, Fei; Wang, Hua; Zhuang, Huifa; Zhu, Zihui; Wang, HuiJournal Article
30-Nov-2017Tool supported analysis of IoTBodei, Chiara; Degano, Pierpaolo; Galletta, Letterio; Tuosto, EmilioJournal Article
23-Aug-2017Reliability and fault-tolerance by choreographic designCassar, Ian; Francalanza, Adrian; Antares Mezzina, Claudio; Tuosto, EmilioJournal Article
2018Scheduling with explorable uncertaintyDürr, Christoph; Erlebach, Thomas; Megow, Nicole; Meißner, JulieConference Paper
4-Dec-2017Ex-situ Technology Appropriation of an e-Deliberation platform in an Art GalleryAl Zubaidi-Polli, Anna Maria; Verdezoto, Nervo; Al Zubaidi R-Smith, Nawfal; Anderst-Kotsis, GabrieleConference Paper
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 221
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