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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
3-Apr-2016Finding Recurrent Sets with Backward Analysis and Trace PartitioningPiterman, Nir; Bakhirkin, AlexeyConference Paper
Jan-2016T2: Temporal Property VerificationBrockschmidt, Mark; Cook, Byron; Ishtiaq, Samin; Khlaaf, Heidy; Piterman, NirConference Paper
2015An Evidential Reasoning Approach for Assessing Confidence in Safety EvidenceNair, S.; Walkinshaw, Neil; Kelly, T.; Vara, J.Conference Paper
Oct-2015How to Make Best Use of Cross-Company Data for Web Effort Estimation?Minku, Leandro Lei; Sarro, Federica; Mendes, Emilia; Ferrucci, FilomenaConference Paper
1-Jan-2016Maximizing Throughput in Energy-Harvesting Sensor NodesFung, Ping YuenConference Paper
30-Mar-2010Modeling and reasoning over distributed systems using aspect-oriented graph grammarsMachado, Rodrigo; Heckel, Reiko; Ribeiro, LeilaConference Paper
3-Dec-2009Towards an embedding of Graph Transformation in Intuitionistic Linear LogicTorrini, Paolo; Heckel, ReikoConference Paper
14-Aug-2007From nondeterministic Buchi and Streett automata to deterministic parity automataPiterman, NirConference Paper
Dec-2014Reducing Idle Listening during Data Collection in Wireless Sensor NetworksRasul, Aram; Erlebach, ThomasConference Paper
23-Apr-2015Better Algorithms for Online Bin StretchingBöhm, Martin; Sgall, Jin; Stee, Rob van; Veselý, PavelConference Paper
2015The optimal absolute ratio for online bin packingBalogh, Janos; Békési, Jozsef; Dósa, Gyorgy; Sgall, Jiri; Stee, Rob vanConference Paper
2015On Automation of CTL* Verification for Infinite-State SystemsCook, B.; Khlaaf, H.; Piterman, NirConference Paper
16-Jul-2015Synthesising Executable Gene Regulatory Networks from Single-Cell Gene Expression DataFisher, J.; Köksal, A. S.; Piterman, Nir; Woodhouse, S.Conference Paper
7-Dec-2014Performance and energy evaluation of RESTful web services in Raspberry PiNunes, L. H.; Nakamura, L. H. V.; De F. Vieira, H..; De O. Libardi, R. M.; De Oliveira, E. M.; Estrella, J. C.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference Paper
12-Dec-2014Observing access control policies using scrabble gamesAhmad, S.; Abidin, S. Z. Z.; Omar, N.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference Paper
5-Nov-2014Classifying Smart Objects using capabilitiesPérez Hernández, Marco E.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference Paper
21-Nov-2014Design and implementation of fault tolerance techniques to improve QoS in SOAOliveira, E. M.; Estrella, J. C.; Kuehne, B. T.; Filho, D. M. L.; Adami, L. J.; Nunes, L. H.; Nakamura, L. H.; Libardi, R. M.; Souza, P. S. L.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference Paper
21-Nov-2014A semantic approach for efficient and customized management of IaaS resourcesNakamura, L. H. V.; Estrella, J. C.; Santana, R. H. C.; Santana, M. J.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference Paper
28-Oct-2014Managing access control policy from end user perspective in collaborative environmentAhmad, S.; Omar, N.; Abidin, S. Z. Z.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference Paper
2-Jul-2014Performance Evaluation in a Cloud with the Provisioning of Different Resources ConfigurationsBatista, B. G.; Estrella, J. C.; Santana, M. J.; Santana, R. H. C.; Reiff-Marganiec, StephanConference Paper
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 135
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