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May-2006Skills Abroad: A Comparative Assessment of International Policy Approaches to Skills Leading to the Development of Policy Recommendations for the UK.Sung, Johnny; Raddon, Arwen; Ashton, David N.Report
Jun-2006Connecting Culture and Learning in Organisations: A Review of Current ThemesBishop, Daniel; Felstead, Alan; Fuller, Alison; Jewson, Nick; Lee, Tracey; Unwin, LornaReport
Jan-2008Constructing Learning: Adversarial and Collaborative Working in the British Construction IndustryBishop, Daniel; Felstead, Alan; Fuller, Alison; Jewson, Nick; Kakavelakis, Konstantinos; Unwin, LornaReport
Jan-2008Exploring the Dangers and Benefits of the UK’s Permissive Competence-Based Approach: The Use of Vocational Qualifications as Learning Artefacts and Tools for Measurement in the Automotive SectorUnwin, Lorna; Fuller, Alison; Bishop, Daniel; Felstead, Alan; Jewson, Nick; Kakavelakis, KonstantinosReport
1998Towards a Conceptual Framework for Understanding the Process Involved in Implementing TVET Projects in the Developing WorldPowell, MarcusReport
2001Learning to be a Parent: The role of the Internet in teaching new skillsO’Connor, Henrietta; Madge, ClareReport
2001‘I couldn’t wait for the day’: Young Workers’ Reflections on Education during the Transition to Work in the 1960sGoodwin, John; O'Connor, HenriettaReport
1999Business process re-engineering : A case study of a developmental approachWebster, David; Black, MargaretReport
2000Policy Borrowing: Lessons from European Attempts to Transfer Training PracticesTurbin, JillReport
Jan-2002Are National Training Organisations an Effective Means of Developing the UK Skill Base in the Context of the Global Economy?Beattie, SusanReport