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29-Apr-20173-D cross-gradient joint inversion of seismic refraction and DC resistivity dataShi, Zhanjie; Hobbs, Richard W.; Moorkamp, Max; Tian, Gang; Jiang, LuJournal Article
12-May-2017Whole-mantle convection with tectonic plates preserves long-term global patterns of upper mantle geochemistry.Barry, T. L.; Davies, J. H.; Wolstencroft, M.; Millar, I. L.; Zhao, Z.; Jian, P.; Safonova, I.; Price, M.Journal Article
1-Aug-2016Complex circular subsidence structures in tephra deposited on large blocks of ice: Varða tuff cone, Öræfajökull, IcelandSmellie, John L.; Walker, A. J.; McGarvie, D. W.; Burgess, R.Journal Article
Apr-2017Igneous sills as a record of horizontal shortening: The San Rafael Subvolcanic Field, UtahWalker, R.; Healy, D.; Kawanzaruwa, T. K.; Wright, K.; England, R. W.; McCaffrey, K. J. W.; Bubeck, A. A.; Stephens, T. L.; Farrell, N. J. C.; Blenkinsop, T. G.Journal Article
9-Mar-2017The Munali Ni sulfide deposit, southern Zambia: a multi-stage, mafic-ultramafic, magmatic sulfide-magnetite-apatite-carbonate megabrecciaHolwell, David A.; Mitchell, Chloe L.; Howe, Grace A.; Evans, David M.; Ward, Laura A.; Friedman, RichardJournal Article
30-Sep-2016Upper-mantle velocities below the Scandinavian Mountains from P- and S- wave traveltime tomographyHejrani, Babak; Balling, Niels; Jacobsen, Bo Holm; England, RichardJournal Article
23-Dec-2016Comparing gravity-based to seismic-derived lithosphere densities: a case study of the British Isles and surrounding areasRoot, B. C.; Ebbing, J.; van der Wal, W.; England, R. W.; Vermeersen, L. L. A.Journal Article
17-Feb-2017A xandarellidA xandarellid artiopodan from Morocco – a middle Cambrian link between soft-bodied euarthropod communities in North Africa and South ChinaOrtega-Hernández, Javier; Azizi, Abdelfattah; Hearing, Thomas W.; Harvey, Thomas H. P.; Edgecombe, Gregory D.; Hafid, Ahmid; El Hariri, KhadijaJournal Article
16-Jan-2017The Kenya rift revisited: Insights into lithospheric strength through data-driven 3-D gravity and thermal modellingSippel, J.; Meeßen, C.; Cacace, M.; Mechie, J.; Fishwick, Stuart; Heine, C.; Scheck-Wenderoth, M.; Strecker, M. R.Journal Article
21-Oct-2016Small-scale thermal upwellings under the northern East African Rift from S travel time tomographyCiviero, C.; Goes, S.; Hammond, J. O. S.; Fishwick, Stuart; Ahmed, A.; Ayele, A.; Doubre, C.; Goitom, B.; Keir, D.; Kendall, J. M.; Leroy, S.; Ogubazghi, G.; Ruempker, G.; Stuart, G. W.Journal Article
23-Feb-2015An integrated and quantitative approach to petrophysical heterogeneityFitch, P. J. R.; Lovell, Mike A.; Davies, Sarah J.; Pritchard, T.; Harvey, Peter K.Journal Article
19-May-2015Metrology and traceability of U-Pb isotope dilution geochronology (EARTHTIME Tracer Calibration Part I)Condon, D. J.; Schoene, B.; McLean, N. M.; Bowring, S. A.; Parrish, R. R.Journal Article
12-Apr-2014U-Pb dating of cements in Mesozoic ammonitesLi, Q.; Parrish, R. R.; Horstwood, M. S. A.; McArthur, J. M.Journal Article
18-Jul-2013Large rivers and orogens: The evolution of the Yarlung Tsangpo-Irrawaddy system and the eastern Himalayan syntaxisRobinson, R. A. J.; Brezina, C. A.; Parrish, Randall R.; Horstwood, M. S. A.; Oo, N. W.; Bird, M. I.; Thein, M.; Walters, A. S.; Oliver, G. J. H.; Zaw, K.Journal Article
7-Aug-2014Developing an inverted Barrovian sequence; insights from monazite petrochronologyMottram, C. M.; Warren, C. J.; Regis, D.; Roberts, N. M. W.; Harris, N. B. W.; Argles, T. W.; Parrish, Randall R.Journal Article
7-May-2014The economic valuation of nature: A question of justice?Matulis, Brett SylvesterJournal Article
25-Jul-2014Stress, strain and mass changes at Mt. Etna during the period between the 1991-93 and 2001 flank eruptionsCarbone, D.; Aloisi, M.; Vinciguerra, S.; Puglisi, G.Journal Article
7-Nov-2012The narrowing gap between vision and execution: Neoliberalization of PES in Costa RicaMatulis, Brett SylvesterJournal Article
4-Sep-2013Environmental change in the Limfjord, Denmark (ca 7500-1500 cal yrs BP): a multiproxy studyLewis, J. P.; Ryves, D. B.; Rasmussen, P.; Knudsen, K. L.; Petersen, K. S.; Olsen, J.; Leng, Melanie J.; Kristensen, P.; McGowan, S.; Philippsen, B.Journal Article
3-Aug-2013Evaluating Mg/Ca in belemnite calcite as a palaeo-proxyLi, Q.; McArthur, J. M.; Doyle, P.; Janssen, N.; Leng, M. J.; Mueller, W.; Reboulet, S.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 876
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