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2018Tellurium, magmatic fluids and orogenic gold: An early magmatic fluid pulse at Cononish gold deposit, Scotland?Spence-Jones, Carl; Jenkin, Gawen R. T.; Boyce, Adrian J.; Hill, Nyree J.; Sangster, Christopher J. S.Journal Article
2018Mass wasting events and their impact on the formation and preservation of submarine ore depositsSmith, D.; Naden, J.; Miles, A.-J.; Bennett, H.; Bicknell, S.Journal Article
10-May-2018Testing post-IR IRSL luminescence dating methods in the southwest Mojave Desert, California, USACarr, Andrew S; Hay, Alex S.; Powell, Mark; Livingstone, IanJournal Article
21-Apr-2018Constraints on the source of Cu in a submarine magmatichydrothermal system, Brothers volcano, Kermadec island arcKeith, Manuel; Haase, K. M.; Klemd, R.; Smith, Daniel J.; Schwarz-Schampera, U.; Bach, W.Journal Article
5-Apr-2018Unlocking preservation bias in the amber insect fossil record through experimental decay.McCoy, Victoria E.; Soriano, Carmen; Pegoraro, Mirko; Luo, Ting; Boom, Arnoud; Foxman, Betsy; Gabbott, Sarah E.Journal Article
2018Crustal properties of the northern Scandinavian mountains and Baltic shield from analysis of teleseismic Receiver FunctionsBen Mansour, Walid; Fishwick, Stewart; England, Richard; Moorkamp, MaxJournal Article
25-May-2016Pervasive near-surface stratal disruption in an accretionary prism setting: Kaczawa Complex, SW PolandKostylew, Joanna; Zalasiewicz, Jan A.; Kryza, RyszardJournal Article
9-May-2018An early Cambrian greenhouse climateHearing, Thomas W.; Harvey, Thomas H. P.; Williams, Mark; Leng, Melanie J.; Lamb, Angela L.; Wilby, Philip R.; Gabbott, Sarah E.; Pohl, Alexandre; Donnadieu, YannickJournal Article
2018The enigmatic metazoan Yuyuanozoon magnificissimi from the early Cambrian Chengjiang Biota, Yunnan Province, South ChinaLi, Yujing; Williams, Mark; Gabbott, Sarah; Chen, A; Cong, P; Hou, XJournal Article
28-Aug-2017Host specific infestation in early Cambrian wormsMa, X; Cong, P; Williams, Mark; Siveter, D; Siveter, D; Gabbott, S; Zhai, D; Goral, T; Edgecombe, G; Hou, XJournal Article
15-Feb-2018A combined geochronological approach to investigating long lived granite magmatism, the Shap granite, UKMiles, Andrew J.; Woodcock, NHJournal Article
5-Jul-2017West Antarctic Ice Sheet retreat driven by Holocene warm water incursionsHillenbrand, C. D.; Smith, J. A.; Hodell, D. A.; Greaves, M; Poole, C. R.; Kender, S; Williams, Mark; Jernas, P. E.; Elderfield, H; Klages, J. P.; Roberts, S. J.; Gohl, K; Larter, R. D.; Kuhn, GJournal Article
22-Sep-2017Igneous sills record far-field and near-field stress interactions during volcano construction: Isle of Mull, ScotlandStephens, TL; Walker, Richard J.; Healy, D; Bubeck, A; England, RW; McCaffrey, KJWJournal Article
1-Dec-2017Ice-dammed lateral lake and epishelf lake insights into Holocene dynamics of Marguerite Trough Ice Stream and George VI Ice Shelf, Alexander Island, Antarctic PeninsulaSmellie, John L.Journal Article
28-Sep-2016A new species of the artiopodan arthropod Acanthomeridion from the lower Cambrian Chengjiang Lagerstätte, China, and the phylogenetic significance of the genusHou, Xianguang; Williams, Mark; Gabbott, Sarah; Siveter, David J.; Cong, Peiyun; Ma, Xiaoya; Sansom, RobertJournal Article
3-Aug-2017A review of Te and Se systematics in hydrothermal pyrite from precious metal deposits: Insights into ore-forming processesKeith, Manuel; Smith, Daniel J.; Jenkin, Gawen R. T.; Holwell, David A.; Dye, Matthew D.Journal Article
28-Nov-2016Scale and diversity of the physical technosphere: A geological perspectiveZalasiewicz, Jan; Williams, Mark; Waters, Colin N.; Barnosky, AD; Palmesino, J; Rönnskog, AS; Edgeworth, Matt; Neal, C; Cearreta, A; Ellis, EC; Grinevald, J; Haff, P; Ivar do Sul, JA; Jeandel, C; Leinfelder, R; McNeill, JR; Odada, E; Oreskes, N; Price, SJ; Revkin, A; Steffen, W; Summerhayes, C; Vidas, D; Wing, S; Wolfe, APJournal Article
13-Feb-2017Petrifying Earth Process: The Stratigraphic Imprint of Key Earth System Parameters in the AnthropoceneZalasiewicz, Jan; Steffen, Will; Leinfelder, Reinhold; Williams, Mark; Waters, ColinJournal Article
26-Jul-2017Density current origin of a melt-bearing impact ejecta blanket (Ries suevite, Germany)Siegert, Susann; Branney, Michael J.; Hecht, LutzJournal Article
31-Jan-2018The use of magnetite as a geochemical indicator in the exploration for magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide deposits: a case study from Munali, ZambiaWard, Laura A.; Holwell, David A.; Barry, Tiffany L.; Blanks, Daryl E.; Graham, Shaun D.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 918
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