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4-Feb-2019Multi-trace-element sea surface temperature coral reconstruction for the southern Mozambique Channel reveals teleconnections with the tropical AtlanticZinke, J; D'Olivo, JP; Gey, CJ; McCulloch, MT; Bruggemann, JH; Lough, JM; Guillaume, MMMJournal Article
11-Oct-2018First evidence for onshore Marine Isotope Stage 3 aeolianite formation on the southern Cape coastline of South AfricaCarr, Andrew S.; Bateman, Mark D.; Cawthra, Hayley C.; Sealy, JudithJournal Article
20-Jun-2018Football Quakes as a Tool for Student EngagementDenton, Paul; Fishwick, Stewart; Lane, Victoria; Daly, DebraJournal Article
22-Mar-2017A new crustacean from the Herefordshire (Silurian) Lagerstätte, UK, and its significance in malacostracan evolutionSiveter, David J.; Briggs, Derek E. G.; Siveter, Derek J.; Sutton, Mark D.; Legg, DavidJournal Article
11-Feb-2014Apatite: A new redox proxy for silicic magmas?Miles, AJ; Graham, CM; Hawkesworth, CJ; Gillespie, MR; Hinton, RW; Bromiley, GDJournal Article
9-Dec-20153D tooth microwear texture analysis in fishes as a test of dietary hypotheses of durophagyPurnell, Mark A.; Darras, Laurent P. G.Journal Article
21-Jul-2018Structural signatures of igneous sheet intrusion propagationMagee, Craig; Muirhead, James; Schofield, Nick; Walker, Richard J.; Galland, Olivier; Holford, Simon; Spacapan, Juan; Jackson, Christopher; McCarthy, WilliamJournal Article
24-Jul-2018Normal fault growth in layered basaltic rocks: the role of strain rate in fault evolutionBubeck, A.; Walker, Richard; Imber, J.; MacLeod, C.Journal Article
9-Jul-2018Mechanical models to estimate the paleostress state from igneous intrusionsStephens, Tara L.; Walker, Richard J.; Healy, David; Bubeck, Alodie; England, Richard W.Journal Article
26-Jun-2018Thermal Damage and Pore Pressure Effects of the Brittle-Ductile Transition in Comiso LimestoneCastagna, Angela; Ougier-Simonin, A.; Benson, P. M.; Browning, J.; Walker, Richard J.; Fazio, M.; Vinciguerra, S.Journal Article
17-Mar-2018Assessing low-maturity organic matter in shales using Raman spectroscopy: Effects of sample preparation and operating procedureHenry, Delano G.; Jarvis, Ian; Gillmore, Gavin; Stephenson, Michael; Emmings, Joseph F.Journal Article
2018Does Sketching promote student learning? A review on undergraduate geology studentsReichow, M. K.Journal Article
8-Aug-2018A three-dimensionally preserved lobopodian from the Herefordshire (Silurian) Lagerstätte, UKSiveter, Derek J.; Briggs, Derek E. G.; Siveter, David J.; Sutton, Mark D.; Legg, DavidJournal Article
20-Jun-2018Naked chancelloriids from the lower Cambrian of China show evidence for sponge-type growthCong, Pei-Yun; Harvey, Thomas H. P.; Williams, Mark; Siveter, David J.; Siveter, Derek J.; Gabbott, Sarah E.; Li, Yu-Jing; Wei, Fan; Hou, Xian-GuangJournal Article
Nov-2018A novel approach for prediction of lithological heterogeneity in fluvial point-bar deposits from analysis of meander morphology and scroll-bar patternRussell, Catherine E.; Mountney, Nigel P.; Hodgson, David M.; Colombera, LucaJournal Article
2018Revealing emplacement dynamics of a simple flood basalt eruption unit using systematic compositional heterogeneitiesVye-Brown, C.; Barry, T. L.,; Self, S.Journal Article
30-Jan-2017Geometry and compartmentalization of fluvial meander-belt reservoirs at the bar-form scale: Quantitative insight from outcrop, modern and subsurface analoguesColombera, Luca; Mountney, Nigel P.; Russell, Catherine E.; Shiers, Michelle N.; McCaffrey, William D.Journal Article
18-Jul-2018Reconstruction, composition and homology of conodont skeletons – a response to Agematsu et al. 2018Purnell, Mark; Zhang, Muhui; Jiang, Haishui; Lai, Xu-LongJournal Article
7-Jun-2018Pterosaur dietary hypotheses: a review of ideas and approachesBestwick, Jordan; Unwin, David M.; Butler, Richard J.; Henderson, Donald M.; Purnell, Mark A.Journal Article
25-May-2018Tellurium, magmatic fluids and orogenic gold: An early magmatic fluid pulse at Cononish gold deposit, Scotland?Spence-Jones, Carl; Jenkin, Gawen R. T.; Boyce, Adrian J.; Hill, Nyree J.; Sangster, Christopher J. S.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 937
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