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1-Jun-2016U-Pb geochronology of calcite-mineralized faults: Absolute timing of rift-related fault events on the northeast Atlantic marginRoberts, Nick M. W.; Walker, Richard J.Journal Article
13-Apr-2016The eyes of Tullimonstrum reveal a vertebrate affinityClements, Thomas; Dolocan, Andrei; Martin, Peter; Purnell, Mark A.; Vinther, Jakob; Gabbott, Sarah E.Journal Article
1-May-2012Non-destructive, safe removal of conductive metal coatings from fossils: a new solutionJones, David; Hartley, Jennifer; Frisch, Gero; Purnell, Mark; Darras, LaurentJournal Article
2007Cavola experiment site: geophysical investigations and deployment of a dense seismic array on a landslideBordoni, P.; Haines, J.; Di Giulio, G.; Milana, G.; Augliera, P.; Cercato, M.; Martelli, L.; Cara, F.; Cavola Experiment TeamJournal Article
2016Sulphide sinking in magma conduits: evidence from mafic-ultramafic plugs on Rum and the wider North Atlantic Igneous ProvinceHughes, Hannah S. R.; McDonald, Iain; Boyce, Adrian J.; Holwell, David A.; Kerr, Andrew C.Journal Article
22-Jan-2014A Silurian short-great-appendage arthropodSiveter, D. J.; Briggs, D. E. G.; Siveter, David J.; Sutton, M. D.; Legg, D.; Joomun, S.Journal Article
3-Feb-2016The Anthropocene : a conspicuous stratigraphical signal of anthropogenic changes in production and consumption across the biosphereWilliams, Mark; Zalasiewicz, Jan; Waters, C. N.; Edgeworth, Matt; Bennett, Carys; Barnosky, A. D.; Ellis, E. C.; Ellis, M. A.; Cearreta, A.; Haff, P. K.; do Sul, J. A. I.; Leinfelder, R.; McNeill, J. R.; Odada, E.; Oreskes, N.; Revkin, A.; deB Richter, D.; Steffen, W.; Summerhayes, C.; Syvitski, J. P.; Vidas, D.; Wagreich, M.; Wing, S. L.; Wolfe, A. P.; Zhisheng, A.Journal Article
8-Jan-2015Valuing nature : A reply to Esteve CorberaMatulis, Brett SylvesterJournal Article
2015‘Payments for Ecosystem Services’ and Property : The Expansion of Exclusionary Land Management Practices in Costa RicaMatulis, Brett SylvesterJournal Article
2014In memoriam: Adam UrbanekZalasiewicz, Jan AntoniJournal Article
22-Jan-2016The impact of taphonomic data on phylogenetic resolution: Helenodora inopinata (Carboniferous, Mazon Creek Lagerstätte) and the onychophoran stem lineageMurdock, D. J. E.; Gabbott, S. E.; Purnell, Mark AndrewJournal Article
2006The myodocope ostracod Entomozoe from the Early Silurian of Severnaya Zemlya, Russian ArcticSiveter, David J.; Bogolepova, O. K.Journal Article
2015Joint stochastic constraint of a large dataset from a salt-domeRoberts, A.; Hobbs, R.; Goldstein, M.; Moorkamp, Ulf Max; Heincke, B.; Jegen, M.Journal Article
1986A Chemical Classification of Volcanic Rocks Based on the Total Alkali-Silica DiagramLe Bas, M. J.; Le Maitre, R. W.; Streckeisen, A.; Zanettin, B.Journal Article
2015Dyke propagation and magma flow in a glassy rhyolite dyke: a structural and kinematic analysisWalker, Richard J.; Branney, M. J.; Norry, M. J.Journal Article
22-Dec-2015Controls on transgressive sill growthWalker, RichardJournal Article
13-Oct-2015Chemical, experimental, and morphological evidence for diagenetically altered melanin in exceptionally preserved fossilsColleary, C.; Dolocan, A.; Gardner, J.; Singh, S.; Wuttke, M.; Rabenstein, R.; Habersetzer, J.; Schaal, S.; Feseha, M.; Clemens, M.; Jacobs, B. F.; Currano, E. D.; Jacobs, L. L.; Sylvestersen, R. L.; Gabbott, Sarah E.; Vinther, J.Journal Article
25-Nov-2015Extreme enrichment of Se, Te, PGE and Au in Cu-sulfide microdroplets: evidence from LA-ICP-MS analysis of sulfides in the Skaergaard Intrusion, east GreenlandHolwell, David A.; Keays, R. R.; McDonald, I.; Williams, Megan R.Journal Article
22-Oct-2015The application of S isotopes and S/Se ratios in determining ore-forming processes of magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE sulfide deposits: a cautionary case study from the northern Bushveld ComplexSmith, Jennifer W .; Holwell, David A.; McDonald, I.; Boyce, A. J.Journal Article
9-Nov-2015The application of deep eutectic solvent ionic liquids for environmentally-friendly dissolution and recovery of precious metalsJenkin, Gawen R. T.; Al-Bassam, Ahmed Z. M.; Harris, Robert C.; Abbott, Andrew P.; Smith, Daniel J.; Holwell, David A.; Chapman, R. J.; Stanley, C. J.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 819
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