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Dec-2006Geophysical constraints on the crustal architecture of the Troodos ophiolite: results from the IANGASS projectMackenzie, G. D.; Maguire, P. K. H.; Coogan, L. A.; Khan, M. A.; Eaton, M.; Petrides, G.Article
1-Dec-2008Abrupt environmental and climatic change during the deposition of the Early Permian Haushi limestone, OmanStephenson, MH; Angiolini, L; Berra, F; Jadoul, F; Gambacorta, G; Verna, V; Leng, MJ; Brewer, TS; Al Beloushi BJournal Article
May-2008Unravelling contamination signals in biogenic silica oxygen isotope composition: The role of major and trace element geochemistryBrewer, TS; Marsh, NG; Leng, MJ; Lamb, AL; Leng, MJ; Mackay, AW; Tyler, JJJournal Article
Sep-2007Lower Permian brachiopods from Oman: Their potential as climatic proxiesAngiolini, L; Berra, F; Jadoul, F; Darbyshire, DPF; Leng, MJ; Stephenson, MH; Leng, MJ; Brewer, TSJournal Article
May-2007A geochemical method for removing the effect of tephra on lake diatom oxygen isotope recordsLamb, AL; Leng, MJ; Sloane, HJ; Brewer, TS; Leng, MJ; Lamb, HFJournal Article
2007Correlated evolution and dietary change in fossil sticklebackPurnell, M.A.; Bell, Michael A.; Baines, D.C.; Hart, P.J.B.; Travis, M.Article
2006The Afar volcanic province within the East African Rift System: IntroductionYirgu, G; Ebinger, CJ; Maguire, PKHJournal Article
Jun-2009Precise and accurate isotopic analysis of microscopic uranium-oxide grains using LA-MC-ICP-MSLloyd, Nicholas Selwyn; Parrish, Randall R.; Horstwood, Matthew S.A.; Chenery, Simon R.N.Article
2003Architecture of coastal and alluvial deposits in an extensional basin: the Carboniferous Joggins Formation of eastern CanadaDavies, Sarah J.; Gibling, M.R.Article
2005Active intracontinental transpressional mountain building in the Mongolian Altai: Defining a new class of orogenCunningham, DicksonArticle