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Aug-1993Conodonts with preserved soft tissue from a new Ordovician Konservat-LagerstatteAldridge, RJ; Theron, JNJournal Article
Sep-2012Morphology of Cambrian lobopodian eyes from the Chengjiang Lagerst├Ątte and their evolutionary significance.Ma, X; Hou, X; Aldridge, RJ; Siveter, DJ; Siveter, DJ; Gabbott, SE; Purnell, MA; Parker, AR; Edgecombe, GDJournal Article
1-May-2000Conodont affinity and chordate phylogenyDonoghue, PCJ; Forey, PL; Aldridge, RJJournal Article
Jun-2011Revised conodont zonation and conodont evolution across the Permian-Triassic boundary at the Shangsi section, Guangyuan, Sichuan, South ChinaJiang, H; Lai, X; Jiang, H; Lai, X; Yan, C; Sun, Y; Aldridge, RJ; Wignall, PJournal Article
Sep-2011Evolution of paleocene to early eocene larger benthic foraminifer assemblages of the indus basin, pakistanAfzal, J; Aldridge, RJ; Afzal, J; Williams, M; Stephenson, MH; Leng, MJJournal Article
1997Ozarkodina remscheidensis plexus conodonts from the upper Ludlow (Silurian) of the Welsh Borderland and WalesMiller, CG; Aldridge, RJJournal Article
12-Apr-2011An early Cambrian hemichordate zooid.Hou, XG; Aldridge, RJ; Siveter, DJ; Siveter, DJ; Williams, M; Zalasiewicz, J; Ma, XYJournal Article
1-Dec-1996Late Llandovery thelodonts and conodonts from the Kilbride Formation, Co Galway, western IrelandAldridge, RJ; Turner, S; Jones, GL; Harper, DATJournal Article
1-Jan-2000Orientation and anatomical notation in conodontsPurnell, MA; Donoghue, PCJ; Aldridge, RJJournal Article
1998Chitinozoan chains and cocoons from the Upper Ordovician Soom shale lagerstatte, South Africa: implications for affinityGabbott, SE; Aldridge, RJ; Theron, JNJournal Article