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May-1994Reply to Wolff and Turbeville's Comment on "A reappraisal of ignimbrite emplacement: progressive aggradation and particulate to non-particulate flow transitions during emplacement of high-grade ignimbrite" by MJ Branney and P KokelaarBranney, MJ; Kokelaar, PJournal Article
Jan-2012Geochemical correlation of three large-volume ignimbrites from the Yellowstone hotspot track, Idaho, USAEllis, BS; Branney, MJ; Barry, TL; Barfod, D; Bindeman, I; Ellis, BS; Wolff, JA; Bonnichsen, BJournal Article
1-Oct-2007Widespread transport of pyroclastic density currents from a large silicic tuff ring: the Glaramara tuff, Scafell caldera, English Lake District, UKBrown, RJ; Kokelaar, BP; Branney, MJJournal Article
1-Sep-2007Incursion of a large-volume, spatter-bearing pyroclastic density current into a caldera lake: Pavey Ark ignimbrite, Scafell caldera, EnglandKokelaar, P; Raine, P; Branney, MJJournal Article
May-2011Impactoclastic density current emplacement of terrestrial meteorite-impact ejecta and the formation of dust pellets and accretionary lapilli: Evidence from stac fada, ScotlandBranney, MJ; Brown, RJJournal Article
Oct-2011Large eruption-triggered ocean-island landslide at Tenerife: Onshore record and long-term effects on hazardous pyroclastic dispersalHarris, PD; Branney, MJ; Storey, MJournal Article
Jul-2011Pleistocene forest on Tenerife's southern coast: A case study of MontaƱa NegraPannell, CL; Curry, GB; Gray, A; Zalasiewicz, JA; Branney, MJ; Pannell, CLJournal Article
1990Fiamme formed by diagenesis and burial-compaction in soils and subaqeuous sedimentsBranney, MJ; Sparks, RSJJournal Article
Aug-1992A reappraisal of ignimbrite emplacement: progressive aggradation and changes from particulate to non-particulate flow during emplacement of high-grade ignimbriteBranney, MJ; Kokelaar, PJournal Article
Feb-1992The Bad Step Tuff: a lava-like rheomorphic ignimbrite in a calc-alkaline piecemeal caldera, English Lake DistrictBranney, MJ; Kokelaar, BP; McConnell, BJJournal Article