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28-Feb-2013A Late Glacial to Holocene record of environmental change from Lake Dojran (Macedonia, Greece)Francke, A.; Wagner, B.; Leng, Melanie J.; Rethemeyer, J.Journal Article
23-Jul-2013Verification of velocity-resistivity relationships derived from structural joint inversion with borehole dataMoorkamp, Max; Roberts, A. W.; Jegen, M.; Heincke, B.; Hobbs, R. W.Journal Article
18-Feb-2010Massively parallel forward modeling of scalar and tensor gravimetry dataMoorkamp, Max; Jegen, M.; Roberts, A.; Hobbs, R.Journal Article
10-Mar-2011Joint inversion of long-period magnetotelluric data and surface-wave dispersion curves for anisotropic structure: Application to data from Central GermanyRoux, E.; Moorkamp, Max; Jones, A. G.; Bischoff, M.; Endrun, B.; Lebedev, S.; Meier, T.Journal Article
7-Mar-2016Rheomorphic ignimbrites of the Rogerson Formation, central Snake River plain, USA: record of mid-Miocene rhyolitic explosive eruptions and associated crustal subsidence along the Yellowstone hotspot trackKnott, Thomas R.; Reichow, Marc K.; Branney, Michael J.; Finn, David R.; Coe, Robert S.; Storey, Michael; Bonnichsen, BillJournal Article
6-Aug-2015Exhumed conduit records magma ascent and drain-back during a Strombolian eruption at Tongariro volcano, New ZealandWadsworth, Fabian B.; Kennedy, Ben M.; Branney, Michael J.; von Aulock, Felix W.; Lavallee, Yan; Menendez, AmayaJournal Article
16-Oct-2013Characterization of nucleation during laboratory earthquakesLatour, S.; Schubnel, A.; Nielsen, S.; Madariaga, R.; Vinciguerra, S.Journal Article
7-Jun-2013Linking permeability to crack density evolution in thermally stressed rocks under cyclic loadingFaoro, I.; Vinciguerra, S.; Marone, C.; Elsworth, D.; Schubnel, A.Journal Article
4-Sep-2013Environmental change in the Limfjord, Denmark (ca 7500-1500 cal yrs BP): a multiproxy studyLewis, J. P.; Ryves, D. B.; Rasmussen, P.; Knudsen, K. L.; Petersen, K. S.; Olsen, J.; Leng, Melanie J.; Kristensen, P.; McGowan, S.; Philippsen, B.Journal Article
3-Aug-2013Evaluating Mg/Ca in belemnite calcite as a palaeo-proxyLi, Q.; McArthur, J. M.; Doyle, P.; Janssen, N.; Leng, M. J.; Mueller, W.; Reboulet, S.Journal Article