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1-Jul-2000LIP reading: Recognizing oceanic plateaux in the geological recordKerr, AC; White, RV; Saunders, ADJournal Article
May-2004Elemental, Hf-Nd isotopic and geochronological constraints on an island arc sequence associated with the Cretaceous Caribbean plateau: Bonaire, Dutch AntillesThompson, PME; Kempton, PD; Thompson, PME; White, RV; Saunders, AD; Kerr, AC; Tarney, J; Pringle, MSJournal Article
1-Jul-2002Ar-40/Ar-39 geochronology of the Rajmahal basalts, India, and their relationship to the Kerguelen PlateauKent, RW; Pringle, MS; Muller, RD; Saunders, AD; Ghose, NCJournal Article
7-Jun-2002(40)Ar/(39)Ar dates from the West Siberian Basin: Siberian flood basalt province doubledReichow, MK; Saunders, AD; White, RV; Pringle, MS; Al'Mukhamedov, AI; Medvedev, AI; Kirda, NPJournal Article
Apr-2010Multi-stage emplacement of alkaline and peralkaline syenite-granite suites in the Mongolian-Transbaikalian Belt, Russia: Evidence from U-Pb geochronology and whole rock geochemistryReichow, MK; Parrish, RR; Saunders, AD; Litvinovsky, BA; Parrish, RRJournal Article
29-Mar-2003Does depleted mantle form an intrinsic part of the Iceland plume?Fitton, JG; Saunders, AD; Kempton, PD; Hardarson, BSJournal Article
1-Jan-2004Hf-Nd isotope constraints on the origin of the Cretaceous Caribbean plateau and its relationship to the Galápagos plumeThompson, PME; White, RV; Tarney, J; Saunders, AD; Thompson, PME; Kempton, PD; Kerr, AC; Fitton, JG; McBirney, AJournal Article
Sep-2011Cyanobacterial blooms tied to volcanism during the 5 m.y. Permo-Triassic biotic crisisReichow, MK; Saunders, ADJournal Article
1-Feb-1996Mesozoic magmatism in eastern India: An introduction - PrefaceKent, RW; Saunders, AD; Ghose, NCJournal Article
31-Jul-1998High precision Hf isotope measurements of MORB and OIB by thermal ionisation mass spectrometry: insights into the depleted mantleNowell, GM; Kempton, PD; Noble, SR; Nowell, GM; Fitton, JG; Saunders, AD; Mahoney, JJ; Taylor, RNJournal Article