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Nov-1994Volcanic history of Mount Sidley, a major alkaline volcano in Marie Byrd Land, AntarcticaPanter, KS; McIntosh, WC; Smellie, JLJournal Article
May-1993Late Miocene valley-confined subglacial volcanism in northern Alexander Island, Antarctic PeninsulaSmellie, JL; Hole, MJ; Nell, PARJournal Article
2001Using tephrochronology to date temperate ice: Correlation between ice tephras on Livingston Island and eruptive units Deception Island volcano (South Shetland Islands, Antarctica)Pallàs, R; Smellie, JL; Casas, JM; Calvet, JJournal Article
Mar-2008Volcanic time-markers for Marine Isotopic Stages 6 and 5 in Southern Ocean sediments and Antarctic ice cores: implications for tephra correlations between palaeoclimatic recordsHillenbrand, C-D; Moreton, SG; Pudsey, CJ; Smellie, JL; Benetti, S; Larter, RD; Caburlotto, A; Lucchi, RG; Grobe, H; Hunt, JBJournal Article
May-2008Late Cenozoic glacier-volcano interaction on James Ross Island and adjacent areas, Antarctic Peninsula regionHambrey, MJ; Smellie, JL; Nelson, AE; Johnson, JSJournal Article
2011Late Miocene volcanic sequences in northern Victoria Land, Antarctica: Products of glaciovolcanic eruptions under different thermal regimesSmellie, JL; Rocchi, S; Armienti, P; Smellie, JLJournal Article
15-Aug-2011How likely was a green Antarctic Peninsula during warm Pliocene interglacials? A critical reassessment based on new palynofloras from James Ross IslandSalzmann, U; Riding, JB; Nelson, AE; Smellie, JLJournal Article
Mar-2007Zeolite compositions as proxies for eruptive paleoenvironmentJohnson, JS; Smellie, JLJournal Article
May-2009Nature of the Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet during the Pliocene: Geological evidence and modelling results comparedSmellie, JL; Haywood, AM; Hillenbrand, C-D; Lunt, DJ; Lunt, DJ; Valdes, PJ; Haywood, AMJournal Article
2002Introduction: Volcano-ice interaction on Earth and MarsSmellie, JL; Chapman, MGJournal Article