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May-1999Graptolite biozonation of the Wenlock Series (Silurian) of the Builth Wells district, central WalesZalasiewicz, J; Williams, MJournal Article
Nov-2011The Anthropocene: From Global Change to Planetary StewardshipSteffen, W; Persson, A; Deutsch, L; Zalasiewicz, J; Williams, M; Richardson, K; Crumley, C; Crutzen, P; Folke, C; Gordon, L; Molina, M; Ramanathan, V; Rockstrom, J; Scheffer, M; Schellnhuber, HJ; Svedin, UJournal Article
May-2012Ostracods from freshwater and brackish environments of the Carboniferous of the Midland Valley of Scotland: the early colonization of terrestrial water bodiesBennett, CE; Siveter, DJ; Davies, SJ; Williams, M; Wilkinson, IP; Browne, M; Miller, CGJournal Article
2000Kinnekullea comma (Jones, 1879), a trans-Iapetus ostrcod locum for the late Ordovicion Dicellograptus anceps graptolite BiozoneWilliams, M; Floyd, JD; Miller, CG; Siveter, DJ; Stone, PJournal Article
Jul-2010Exceptionally preserved ostracodes from a Middle Miocene palaeolake, California, USAWilkinson, IP; Wilby, PR; Williams, M; Siveter, DJ; Riley, DA; Page, AA; Leggitt, LJournal Article
Nov-2010Ostracods from upper Ordovician (Katian) carbonate lithofacies in southwest ScotlandMohibullah, M; Afzal, J; Williams, M; Siveter, DJ; Zalasiewicz, JA; Mohibullah, M; Afzal, J; Meidla, TJournal Article
13-Mar-2011Are there pre-Quaternary geological analogues for a future greenhouse warming?Haywood, AM; Pound, MJ; Dolan, AM; Francis, JE; Ridgwell, A; Lunt, DJ; Hill, DJ; Williams, M; Dowsett, HJ; Williams, MJournal Article
Aug-2008The application of microfossils in assessing the provenance of chalk used in the manufacture of Roman mosaics at SilchesterWilkinson, IP; Lott, GK; Williams, M; Young, JR; Cook, SR; Fulford, MGJournal Article
Nov-2009Graptolites in British stratigraphyZalasiewicz, JA; Taylor, L; Williams, M; Rushton, AWA; Loydell, DK; Rickards, RBJournal Article
15-Jun-2009Pliocene seasonality across the North Atlantic inferred from cheilostome bryozoansKnowles, T; Okamura, B; Knowles, T; Taylor, PD; Williams, M; Haywood, AMJournal Article