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Title: Forgetting Alvin Gouldner: CMS does Reflexivity.
Authors: Armstrong, Peter
First Published: Jan-2009
Abstract: The point of departure of this paper is a critical reading of Alvesson, Hardy and Harley (2008) on reflexivity in organization and management theory. A notable feature of that paper is the authors’ failure to relate their deliberations to the pioneering work of Gouldner (1970) - which is not cited at all - and to the major contributions of Bourdieu and Wacquant (1992) - which is mentioned only in passing. The present critique proposes to remedy this by suggesting how both of these original versions of reflexivity might be applied to the writings of the CMS school.
Type: Conference paper
Description: Paper for presentation at the Second Conference of Practical Criticism in the Social Sciences of Management, Leicester University Management School, 8th - 9th January 2009.
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