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Title: 2nd International Conference on Agricultural and Biological Sciences (ABS 2016), Shanghai, China, July 23-26, 2016 Abstracts
Authors: Pei, Lei
Wang, Zhenhua
Zhang, Jinzhu
Li, Wenhao
Ting, Adeline S. Y.
Chow, Yiing Y.
Rahman, Sadequr
Wei, Rongchang
Hu, Zhang
Li, Sidong
Li, Chuyan
Li, Zijuan
Wang, Guoxia
Yang, Yuzhen
Chen, Gang
Luo, Qing
Wang, Guoxia
Liu, Ruixia
Yang, Yuzhen
Chen, Lipei
Lie, Zhiyang
Zhou, Tongtong
Huang, Weilong
Xue, Li
Li, Jie
Wang, Zhuomin
Xue, Li
Bezirganoglu, Ismail
Uysal, Pınar
Wang, Shuihua
Lu, Zhihai
Yang, Jiquan
Zhang, Yudong
Liu, John
Wei, Ling
Chen, Shufang
Phillips, Preetha
Dong, Zhengchao
Li, Hong
Wang, Xutong
Zhao, Fengliang
Yang, Guisheng
Huang, Haijie
Zhao, Li
Huang, Weijian
Wang, Jinhui
Zhang, Zhongrun
Li, Xiaojuan
Xu, Ning
Zhou, Guofu
Wan, Ming
Lin, Qi
Meng, Fanyun
Li, Jianxiu
Chen, Yichang
Yu, Koayung
Chang, Chunpin
Zhou, Zijuan
Su, Peixi
Shi, Rui
Xie, Tingting
Shi, Rui
Su, Peixi
Zhou, Zijuan
Liu, Xuelan
Zhang, Yan
Wei, Xiangfa
Wu, Chong
Yin, Yanlei
Feng, Lijuan
Yang, Xuemei
Wang, Fei
Wang, Hua
Zhuang, Huifa
Zhu, Zihui
Wang, Hui
First Published: 24-Oct-2016
Presented at: 2nd International Conference on Agricultural and Biological Sciences (ABS 2016), Shanghai, China
Start Date: 23-Jul-2016
End Date: 26-Jul-2016
Publisher: BioMed Central
Citation: BMC Plant Biology, 2016, 16(Suppl 2):226
Abstract: Table of contents 01 The influence of soil salt content on the photosynthetic characteristics of spring wheat with trickle irrigation Lei Pei, Zhenhua Wang, Jinzhu Zhang, Wenhao Li 02 Comparing growth of fast-growing and slow-growing endophytes in plants via ergosterol quantification Adeline SY Ting, Yiing Y Chow, Sadequr Rahman 03 Transcriptome and digital gene expression analysis identifies putative triterpene saponin-biosynthetic genes of Panax notoginseng Rongchang Wei 04 Chitosan-assisted isolation and antioxidant evaluation of flavonoids from Sophora japonica L. Zhang Hu, Sidong Li, Chuyan Li, Zijuan Li 05 Two kinds of new characteristics of the ektexine ornamentation of ginkgo pollen Guoxia Wang, Yuzhen Yang, Gang Chen, Qing Luo 06 Analysis of nutrient and medicinal ingredients of Ginkgo pollen in different regions Guoxia Wang, Ruixia Liu, Yuzhen Yang, Lipei Chen 07 Photosynthetic performance of greening seedlings of seven species to drought stress Zhiyang Lie, Tongtong Zhou, Weilong Huang, Li Xue 08 Changes of fluorescence parameters of greening seedlings of seven species under drought stress Jie Li, Zhuomin Wang, Li Xue 09 Mammalian sex hormone affects regeneration capacity and enzymes activity of Triticale L in vitro culture Ismail Bezirganoglu, Pınar Uysal 10 Fractional Fourier entropy increases the recognition rate of fruit type detection Shuihua Wang, Zhihai Lu, Jiquan Yang, Yudong Zhang, John Liu, Ling Wei, Shufang Chen, Preetha Phillips, Zhengchao Dong 11 Banana-peanut intercropping reduces Fusarium wilt disease in banana from enhancing soil bacterial microorganisms and leaf nutrition Hong Li, Xutong Wang, Fengliang Zhao, Guisheng Yang 12 Manganese stress impairs stem ureide nitrogen fixation in yardlong-bean plants in the acidic environment Hong Li 13 A new pest control method for Rhytidodera bowringii Larvae Haijie Huang, Li Zhao, Weijian Huang, Jinhui Wang, Zhongrun Zhang 14 Research on the seed-like Fruits of Subg. Sclarea of Salvia of Labiatae in China Xiaojuan Li, Ning Xu, Guofu Zhou, Ming Wan, Qi Lin, Fanyun Meng, Jianxiu Li 15 Three pulling resistance models of pioneer plant in landslide area Yichang Chen, Koayung Yu, Chunpin Chang 16 The comparison of physiological and biochemical mechanisms of Reaumuria soongorica and Salsola passerine in different growth pattern Zijuan Zhou, Peixi Su, Rui Shi, Tingting Xie 17 Resources use efficiency of the cosmopolitan plant Potentilla anserina L. in different alpine habitats in China Rui Shi, Peixi Su, Zijuan Zhou 18 Cloning of PPDK gene from Red Amaranand transformation of Alfalfa Xuelan Liu, Yan Zhang, Xiangfa Wei 19 Variation and cluster analysis of morphological characters and nutrient content of Chucrasia tabularis seed Chong Wu, Yanlei Yin, Lijuan Feng, Xuemei Yang, Fei Wang 20 Effect of the planting density of the areca nut on the growth of intercropped Vanilla Hua Wang, Huifa Zhuang, Zihui Zhu, Hui Wang
DOI Link: 10.1186/s12870-016-0904-3
ISSN: 1471-2229
Version: Publisher Version
Status: Peer-reviewed
Type: Journal Article
Rights: Copyright © the authors, 2016. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.
Description: Abstracts only
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