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Title: Norm Preconditioners for discontinuous Galerkin hp-Finite Element methods.
Authors: Georgoulis, Emmanuil H.
Loghin, Daniel
First Published: 2006
Publisher: Dept. of Mathematics, University of Leicester.
Abstract: We consider a norm-preconditioning approach for the solution of discontinuous Galerkin finite element discretizations of second order PDE with non-negative characteristic form. In particular, we perform an analysis for the general case of discontinuous hp-finite element discretizations. Our solution method is a norm-preconditioned three-term GMRES routine. We find that for symmetric positive-definite diffusivity tensors the convergence of our solver is independent of discretization, while for the semidefinite case both theory and experiment indicate dependence on both h and p. Numerical results are included to illustrate performance on several test cases.
Series/Report no.: MA 06-010
Type: Report
Appears in Collections:Reports, Dept. of Mathematics

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