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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
2005The Project of the other: Developing inclusive learning communities in schoolsBusher, HughArticle
12-Jan-2012Crossing borders: new teachers coconstructing professional identity in performative timesWilkins, Chris; Busher, Hugh; Kakos, Michalis; Mohamed, Carmen; Smith, JoanJournal Article
Sep-2012Access to Higher Education? Understanding Access Students’ perspectives on the transformations of their Learning Identities and Careers in Changing Policy contextsBusher, Hugh; James, Nalita; Suttill, BethConference Paper
2012In Cyberspace: Qualitative methods for educational researchBusher, Hugh; James, NalitaChapter
Apr-2007Email communication as a technology of oppression: Attenuating identity in online researchBusher, Hugh; James, NalitaConference Paper
Sep-2012Student voice on education in KS4 ScienceBusher, Hugh; Tas, MaartenConference Paper
Sep-2010Reflecting on the Other: Critical perspectives of novice teachers on pedagogy and teacher pupil-relationships in particular geo-political contextsBusher, Hugh; Lawson, Tony; Wilkins, Chris; Acun, I.Conference Paper
Sep-2011Perceptions of Identity in Science Education (POISED): A study of some Secondary school students and teachers in England.Tas, Maarten; Busher, HughConference Paper
2013Credibility, Authenticity and Voice: Dilemmas in Online InterviewingJames, Nalita; Busher, HughChapter
18-Feb-2011Pedagogy, empowerment and discipline : comparative perspectives of novice teachers in England and Turkey reflecting on 'the other'Busher, Hugh; Lawson, Tony; Wilkins, Chris; Acun, IsmailJournal Article