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Aug-2008The New Keynesian Phillips Curve and Lagged Inflation: A case of spurious correlation?Hall, Stephen G.; Hondroyiannis, George; Swamy, P. A. V. B.; Tavlas, George S.Report
Aug-2008Spatial interdependencies of FDI locations: A lessening of the tyranny of distance?Hall, Stephen G.; Petroulas, PavlosReport
Jan-2009Measuring convergence of the new member countries' exchange rates to the EuroBecker, Bettina; Hall, Stephen G.Report
Jan-2009How far from the Euro area? Measuring convergence of inflation rates in Eastern EuropeBecker, Bettina; Hall, Stephen G.Report
Apr-2011The ECB.s New Multi-Country Model for the Euro area: NMCM - with Boundedly Rational Learning ExpectationsHall, Stephen G.; Dieppe, Alistair; González Pandiella, Alberto; Willman, AlpoReport
Mar-2011The Greek financial crisis: growing imbalances and sovereign spreadsHall, Stephen G.; Tavlas, George S.; Gibson, Heather D.Report
Mar-2011Generalized Cointegration: A New Concept with an Application to Health Expenditure and Health OutcomesHall, Stephen G.; Swamy, P. A. V. B.; Tavlas, George S.Report
Mar-2011The Forward Rate Premium Puzzle: A ResolutionHall, Stephen G.; Swamy, P. A. V. B.; Tavlas, George S.; Kenjegaliev, AmangeldiReport
Mar-2011The Debate about the Revived Bretton-Woods Regime: A Survey and Extension of the LiteratureHall, Stephen G.; Tavlas, George S.Report
Mar-2011The Nonexistence of Instrumental VariablesHall, Stephen G.; Tavlas, George S.; Swamy, P. A. V. B.Report