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Mar-2002Keeping off the Grass? An Econometric Model of Cannabis Consumption by Young People in BritainPudney, StephenReport
Jun-2003The take-up of multiple means-tested benefits by British pensioners. Evidence from the Family Resources SurveyHancock, Ruth; Pudney, Stephen; Barker, Geraldine; Hernandez, Monica; Sutherland, HollyReport
Nov-2005Poverty and fertility in less developed countries: A comparative analysisAassve, Arnstein; Engelhardt, Henriette; Francavilla, Francesca; Kedir, Abbi Mamo; Kim, Jungho; Mealli, Fabrizia; Mencarini, Letizia; Pudney, Stephen; Prskaw, AlexiaReport
Apr-2001The Road to Ruin? Sequences of Initiation to Drug Use and Offending by Young People in Britain.Pudney, StephenReport
Jan-2000Pay Differentials, Discrimination and Worker Grievances.Pudney, StephenReport
Oct-2002The Welfare Cost of Means-Testing: Pensioner Participation in Income SupportPudney, Stephen; Hernandez, Monica; Hancock, RuthReport
Mar-2003The Use of Self-Report and Drugs Tests in the Measurement of Illicit Drug ConsumpitonZiggy, MacDonald; Pudney, StephenReport
Jun-1998Illicit Drug Use and Labour Market Achievement: Evidence from the UK.MacDonald, Ziggy; Pudney, StephenReport
Dec-1998Analysing Drug Abuse with British Crime Survey Data: Modelling and Questionnaire Design Issues.MacDonald, Ziggy; Pudney, StephenReport
Apr-1998Econometric Issues in the Analysis of Linked Cross-Section Employer-Worker Surveys.Hildreth, Andrew; Pudney, StephenReport