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The Department of Sociology at Leicester is one of the most prominent and influential in the country. It was one of the first departments of sociology to be established in Britain, and has a long and well-respected tradition both in teaching and research. There are few branches of the discipline in which it has not had some influence.

The Department's graduates have for many years been a major force in the shaping of teaching and research in other universities and colleges. Many of the well-known sociologists in this country have been students and/or teachers at Leicester. Apart from the present Vice Chancellor, Professor Robert Burgess, an eminent sociologist of education and methodologist, important names from the past include Norbert Elias, Ilya Neustadt, Anthony Giddens, Joe and Olive Banks, Miriam Glucksmann, Nicos Mouzelis, John Goldthorpe, Terry Johnson, Paul Hirst, Derek Layder, John Scott and Eric Dunning.

Our aim is to continue our outstanding record by engaging in sociological research in a wide range of topics.

Research is a major component of the Department’s work. Individual members of staff are well-known in their fields of research endeavour, many of them on an international level. Members of staff carry out research funded by government, research councils, charities, industrial and educational organisations, and others; as well as regularly publishing research papers, books, edited volumes and, in recent years, some of the most widely-used textbooks in both general and specialist fields of sociology (e. g. Fulcher and Scott, Sociology, Oxford University Press, third edition 2006; Hutchby and Wooffitt, Conversation Analysis, Polity, second Edition 2008).

  • The sociology of age, consumption
  • Nody, health and illness
  • Emotion, memory
  • Gender and feminist theory
  • Education, professions, science
  • Political economy, capitalism, labour process and trade unionism
  • Historical sociology, sociological theory, figurational sociology, political sociology
  • Migration, ethnicity and processes of European integration
  • Sport, violence, deviance and crime
  • Research methods

The research interests, activities and areas of expertise of individual staff members are available via the staff information page.

When downloading papers please observe the normal copyright codes and conventions for their use.