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Dec-2007Informed consent, anticipatory regulation and ethnographic practice.Murphy, E; Dingwall, RJournal Article
Aug-2006Capturing user requirements in medical device development: the role of ergonomics.Martin, JL; Murphy, E; Crowe, JA; Norris, BJJournal Article
Nov-2011Constructing the 'gender-specific body': A critical discourse analysis of publications in the field of gender-specific medicine.Annandale, E; Hammarström, AJournal Article
2007Negotiating frame ambiguity: a study of simulated encounters in medical education.Seale, C; Butler, CC; Hutchby, I; Kinnersley, P; Rollnick, SJournal Article
Mar-2010Questioning the answer: questioning style, choice and self-determination in interactions with young people with intellectual disabilities.Pilnick, A; Clegg, J; Murphy, E; Almack, KJournal Article
Nov-2011The importance of direct patient reporting of suspected adverse drug reactions: a patient perspective.Anderson, C; Krska, J; Murphy, E; Avery, A; Yellow Card Study CollaborationJournal Article
Jan-2012A user-centred approach to requirements elicitation in medical device development: a case study from an industry perspective.Martin, JL; Clark, DJ; Morgan, SP; Crowe, JA; Murphy, EJournal Article
Jul-2008Nonmedical prescribing in the United kingdom: developments and stakeholder interests.Cooper, R; Guillaume, L; Avery, T; Anderson, C; Bissell, P; Hutchinson, A; Lymn, J; Murphy, E; Ward, P; Ratcliffe, JJournal Article
Mar-2008Nurse and pharmacist supplementary prescribing in the UK--a thematic review of the literature.Cooper, RJ; Anderson, C; Avery, T; Bissell, P; Guillaume, L; Hutchinson, A; James, V; Lymn, J; McIntosh, A; Murphy, E; Ratcliffe, J; Read, S; Ward, PJournal Article
May-2008Medical device development: the challenge for ergonomics.Martin, JL; Norris, BJ; Murphy, E; Crowe, JAJournal Article