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Title: The Employment Adjustment of Male Immigrants in England.
Authors: Wheatley Price, Stephen
First Published: Nov-1998
Publisher: Dept. of Economics, University of Leicester.
Abstract: In this paper the employment adjustment of immigrant men to the English labour market is examined, using 1993-4 data from the Quarterly Labour Force Survey of the United Kingdom. Hypotheses proposed by Chiswick (1982), concerning the impact of education, potential labour market experience, years since immigration and country of birth on the employment rate, are investigated using logistic regression analysis. Our results show that both white and non-white foreign born men experience employment disadvantages immediately after entering the UK. However, for whites, this effect is transitory, whereas non-whites never attain the employment rates of native born men. The country of birth is also shown to be a crucial determinant of immigrant employment rates.
Series/Report no.: Papers in Public Sector Economics
Type: Report
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