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Title: Acquaintance Rape Motivation: Sexual vs. Power & Control. A Case Formulation.
Authors: Knowles, Leah
Award date: 2007
Abstract: Acquaintance rape of adult victims specifically ex-partners, is a significant problem within society with little research or specialised treatment within the Criminal Justice System. The motivation behind such offences appears different from other sexual offences and strong links can be found within the domestic abuse research. This case study assessed the balance of sexual motivation compared with power and control motivation in one such offender. It was found that, in this case, power and control was the primary motivator but that duality of the motivators was also highlighted. In addition, it identified the lack of suitable programmes within custody and the community when dealing with adult victim acquaintance (specifically ex-partner) rape perpetrators. This dissertation suggests that a possible hybrid programme combining the Probation Service’s integrated domestic abuse programme and the Northumbria sex offender programme may be a solution.
Type: Dissertation
Level: Masters
Qualification: MSc
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